Thursday, June 27, 2013


Today, after years, I wore bangles. I just love the sound that they make, its so rhythmic, so beautiful, you feel as if all the bangles are dancing together in your hands:) And this dance of all the bangles make me feel beautiful... The reason is still a mystery to me.

But, there is another reason why I love that sound of bangles. It brings back the memories of my childhood... How? You know, my maa always used to wear bangles 24*7 (she wears them even today) and so, the sound of her bangles used to play every time, everywhere in our home. I have been grown up listening to that sound and this sound is one of those beautiful memories of my childhood. Believe me, that sound got imbibed in every corner of our home.

And this sound made me miss Maa today. It bought back the memories of old days. I wish I was with her with my head in her lap. I feel like I want to relax, I want to breathe in her arms now like a tired child for whom mother's lap is like an ocean of ecstasy, where he/she forgets all the pain, all the paraphernalia of life, everything! There is only love, contentment, satisfaction, happiness, pleasure! Maa, I wish I was with you... I wish you were with me, to take me in your arms, the same way you use to do when I was a kid, when I used to hurt myself and come back home crying.  

Anyways, wrote below lines for her...

Yaad aati hai un beetein dino ki,
Jab Maa ki godh hamara aangan thi,
Jab maa ki baatein hamen sahlaati thi,
Jab maa ki hasin hamen zamaane bhar ki khushiyaan de jaati thi,
Jab maa ka daatna bhi lagta the uska pyaar,
Jaa hamare ruthne par woh karti thi dulaar,
Maa ke haton mein woh khan-khanaati choodiyan,
Aeine pe chipki maa ki woh choti si bindiyan,
Maa ke sindoor ki woh pyari si dibiyan,
Maa ki paayal ki woh meethi si jhankaar,
Maa ke pyaar se sajaa woh gharbaar,
Maa ki khusboon se mahakta har kona,
Maa ki godh mein woh sir rakh kar sona,
Yaad aati hai un beetein dino ki,
Jab maa ki aahaton se hoti thi har subah,
Aur maa ki loriyon se hoti thi shaam juda... 

And yes, she loved it:) Mission accomplished! Maa, I love you... You have been my strength, my support, my inspiration and my everything! What would I be without you: Nothing! Simply Nothing!

I love you:) 

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