Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Tiny Little Ant

ha ha ha... And I really have no idea what made me to write the below lines! Funny, childish and stupid still I loved the innocence in them, innocence of a child! Read, smile and think about how stupid and crazy I can get!!! But yes, I wrote these to make a point: that if you have confidence, courage and a passion to achieve something, nothing on this earth can stop you, how so ever tiny you are and how so ever huge the hurdles are! You will surely find a way out of them:

From the window, peeks a little ant,
Looks around and ask her friend,
To go inside and take a glace,
But she refuses to take a chance,
This made her sad, poor little ant,
She stood there, refusing to recant,
And looked inside to take a glance,
The window was big for the tiny ant,
But she jumped inside with a gasp and pant,
She will get something, she was confident,
Then she saw a sweet as huge as an elephant,
She jumped high and high in excitement,
Then she ran to the sweet kept in the pan,
She ate and filled herself like an empty can,
Till she saw the shadow of a huge man,
Frightened and scared, there she ran,
Ran towards the window as fast as she can,
Jumped outside and teased her friend,
Proud and happy on her great plan,
The friend being jealous, goes off to her tent...

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