Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good old nostalgic things that I miss!

“When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.”
― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

There are things that everyone misses in life. And as you keep growing up, this list keeps on growing too. Number of age also gets transformed into the piles of stuff that you miss. It does!

Today, while seeing beautiful balloons on the way back home, I realized I missed them so much! I used to love balloons of all colors and all the shapes when I was a kid... But from past few years, I completely forgot about them! Probably I got so busy or rather, I should use the word called "stuck".... Yes, I got stuck within this intelligent and grown up world. I got so busy in handling the paraphernalia of my life that I just forgot about the small and little things that I used to love doing and that use to give me immense happiness...

Then, gradually I started thinking about what else do I miss. And believe me, the moment I threw this question to my heart and mind, they just bombarded me with answers like drops of rain: uncountable in one pour and also, unable to be captured in one time...I was over flooded with the things that I really miss!

The list of things that my mind and heart picked up from the papers of my memory and scribbled them in my thoughts is quite an exhaustive and endless one. Believe me, it made me feel so nostalgic. It created an unknown craving , a strange and a mysterious longing within me. And I just abhor the fact that I won't be able to do most of them now...

Few of the things that I really really miss badly, truly, insanely, deeply are:

1. I miss those fights with my siblings! Nothing on this earth is comparable to those dangerous, parlous yet adorable conflicts

2. I miss collecting each and every penny of my pocket money for few weeks and then, buying a thing that I would be craving to own from long! And that thing used to make me feel so proud! It used to just become one of my prized possessions

3. I miss eating samosas and chai in front of the college with friends, teasing each other... Passing comments on by-passers... No feeling in this world can overtake that nostalgic emotion...

4. You won't believe I even miss rebuking and  scolding of my dad! Yes, I miss it... I use to break into laughter, as soon as I use to enter the room, after getting rebuked by dad. *bad bad* <mischievous I was!>

5. I miss homemade food, the one made by mom. That's actually to be called heaven on earth...

6. I even miss the ample and insane amount of time that I used to have! Today, I feel like adding more 24 hours to one single day, and I know even then I will feel that a day is really too short for me to finish off all the stuff that I have!

7. I miss getting wet in rain with friends carelessly without worrying about cloths getting wet, catching cold and getting unwell. The days when these things use to be too minute for me to bother or worry about

8. I just miss having tea and pakoras in the horrible cold climate of north India

9. I miss lying down under the stars, staring them for hours and figuring out the shapes by joining them

10. I miss those stupid and brainless chats with cousins, that use to go on and on for the whole night!

11. I miss that excitement of results getting released.

12. I miss those stories of ghosts and spirits that we cousins and friends use to narrate to each other. 90% of  them were cooked up! Now we all are aware of it...

13. I miss chatting and laughing endlessly with my grandmother. Those chats are still precious to me!

14. I miss those streets of my hometown where we used to roam around on bike!

15. I even miss that innocent flirting when a glance of a person used to be enough to make your whole day beautiful. That innocent excitement of seeing someone roving around in your street just to have a look of yours! How charming and beautiful that thing was... I don't know what to call it... Really!

16. Ok, this is a stupid one. But still I would want to mention it. I still miss waving a goodbye to a plane or a helicopter! I still can't forget the excitement that the sound of planes use to generate within me when I was a kid! I use to leave every damn thing and use to run outside to just have a glance of the flying object and just to bid a goodbye.

17. I miss filling up each other's slam book in school! So stupid... But I miss it... I do!

18. I miss that excitement of getting to know more about marriage and adult stuff you know! *wink wink*... That was awesome and hilarious too! Amusing is the adjective to be used here...

19. I miss that care, that love that friends, siblings and cousins used to shower upon you. *bliss*

20. I miss that careless and carefree life, without tensions, without stress, without problems. A life guarded by dad. I miss that feeling of security in the premises of home and under the guidance of parents! I miss those days when I was just not aware of how serious life could turn out to be, how the world would force you to grow, how everybody would be just waiting like vultures to nip you and tear your innocence apart, when the world gets behind you to change, to forget everything you love.  I miss those careless days! Days when you never use to bother what people think about you. You just used to do what you liked! You used to give a damn to other's opinion about you!

And then, today we all are busy in making, changing and forming other's views about us. And our life revolves around that... Anyways, that's called life perhaps: A collaboration of different phases. May be tomorrow, I would be writing on the same theme but of a different phase, of a different era: May be I will write about today's phase... Who knows!

Anyways, for now I just want to take a dive in all those amazing memories of the good old days I would want to get returned to...

You die twice: one when you stop breathing and second when you leave your childhood behind...

Take me again,
Take me to those streets,
The streets leading to home,
Home where I belong,
Take me again,
Take me to that life,
Life that gave me happiness,
Happiness indefinable,
Take me again,
Take me to those people,
People whom I called my own,
My own and my everything...
Take me again,
Again to those days,
Days filled with love, care and laughter,
Those carefree days,
When all problems use to look like small pebbles,
With which we could play,
By throwing them hard on other stones,
And crashing them right there and right away...

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