Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yes Sir, I do belong to a small town...

Few days back, I was talking to someone, when he asked me about my native place. And I told him that I belong to Saharanpur. Then he asked few more questions about the whereabouts of my native place to which I replied very patiently. But then, he looked at me and said "But you really do not look like a small town girl!" Yes, there are morons who can really use such cheap rather cheezy dialogues!!!

Anyways, this guy had suddenly pushed me to my limits just by this one tacky and stupid sentence! and I lost it... I asked him, "what does that mean?" and he replied," No, its a compliment...". Unable to control my fury at his answer, I again shot a question to him, "How is that a compliment???" and he start mumbling, "aaaa.... I mean.... actually...". Without even waiting for him to complete his answer, I added, "yeah actually you thought small town people are low class, they don't match your standards, they can't wear good cloths, can't be stylish? Yes, they can't speak English or what?" And needless to say, he left without saying a word!!! Thanks to my audacity or rather I should say my art to speak harsh words whenever required:) *wink*

But whatever, I fail to understand why do people from so called metros, big cities have this misconception about small town people??? Why do they just treat them as some piece of shit... This was really not the first time I was hearing something weird and uncanny because of my native place. Most of you must have heard the name of Ashutosh Kaushik, who won Roadies and Big boss, few years back. He belongs to my town. And many a times, there are people who ask me, "Do you also speak like Ashutosh back there at home?" Aila!!!!! And I feel so goaded!!! I do or I don't is another question! But thing is what's wrong in that guys? That's the way people speak in that region. If you would have grown up there, even you would have spoken in the same way. Yes, you would have:)

In fact, I know many people who, deliberately never declare the names of their real town. When asked about the place of their birth, they just name some big city which would be in the proximity of some 300-500 kms from their native town! Like for eg all north Indians belong to Delhi! Its astonishing... Why do you have to hide your identity... Your native place is as important in defining you as your name. Many of us do not like our names so, we change it? or do we just blatantly lie about it? No, right? Then, why to feel embarrassed about your small town identity?

And yes, being from a small town really does not mean, we lack in something as compare to you: big city people, Sir! We are equally capable of doing the cores as much as you are... God has granted us equal amount of limbs as to you!Even our blood is of red color! Yes, it is...

In fact, I can say this with 100% assertion that we, people from small town have to really fight, have to struggle hard to achieve everything. Everything is a hurdle for us. Specially women, we have to fight for our education, we have to fight the conventional society, we have to deal with the narrow mentality of our parents, we have to deal with all that... We have to literally fight to make a place in this society, we have to! We have to marinate ourselves everyday in different fallacies created by hypocrites around. Believe me... I am not saying this to gain your sympathy or something! I am writing about the problems that we face, to make you realize that there is a lot that we have seen and has been taken for us to be wherever we are!

And when dealing with all that, when somehow we reach to your metros, big cities, with dreams in our eyes, to make it big, we are thrown into the ocean of insensitive, harsh and artificial competition! Why? because we are shamelessly judged on our small town identity.

We are being teased, jeered at, shrugged at, being pushed to feel inferior and at times, even been ostracized by you guys... Why? Because we are unable to use fancy words while speaking or may be, we are not as confident as you guys? Yes, we are not! Because, for you confidence comes easy with the kind of education you guys get. Its handy for you. But for us, we have to learn to be confident. In fact, for women out there, being confident is considered to be bad trait rather than being a quality. It is seen as being shameless. We are taught to be submissive, docile and meek from our very initial years. We are taught not to talk much, not be present our rebellious views, to be quiet and accept everything silently! And that's how we become timid. And just imagine, how hard it would be for us, to transform our very inner nature of timidness which is imbibed in us from our childhood to being confident! Its very hard...

Many of you must be thinking, WTF? But, this all is true! I have seen it, taken this kind of shit and have dealt with it...  And believe me, for some of you, it would just be next to impossible to even imagine the kind of struggle we go through while making a place of our own in your society!

Anyways, I am really not generalizing anything. I even have amazing friends who never ever bother about all this. But, believe me, there are these creepy, crappy, weird morons like the one about whom I mentioned above who treat small town people like some aliens! Now and then, my destiny somehow keeps on parceling such assholes to my life:)

I don't understand or rather I am just unable to see the lines drawn between metros and small towns! I don't know how come you automatically get labeled with the tags of being sophisticated, intelligent, stylish, elegant, graceful, charming, confident and with many such similar adjectives, just because you are born and bought up in a big city! Why can't people from a small town inherit these qualities? Why do we have to prove ourselves to earn them!

I am vexed with all this system...

Anyways, guys grow up, open your brains, and stop making us feel different, feel inferior, just because we belong to a small town!

BTW, I am proud to hail from Saharanpur and even today, after traveling and seeing almost half the world, I say Saharanpur is one of the most beautiful places on earth: a heaven... And whenever I get a chance to holiday somewhere, its always Saharanpur I choose to go:)

Yes, I am a small town girl... and I love the tag:)

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