Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My first Tattoo:)

 I really want to write about my experience on getting a permanent tattooJ

I wanted a tattoo since long because of many reasons. But the main reason was that I saw a tattoo on the actress’s ankle in the song from the movie Namesake, which is called “ye mera deewanapan hai”.! I was so fascinated by seeing that… It looked so stylish, so marvelous! Since then I wanted to have it…

But then few of my friends said that a tattoo is not worth the pain you take while putting that… some said it spoils your skin and start looking ugly after sometime! So after listening to all these things, I dropped the idea but then somewhere inside me I really wanted to have one!

Then last week, out of the blue this weird feeling of having a tattoo again emerged in my head… I spoke to few of my friends and they all were really negative about it. All of them told me about the pain. One even said that the pain is like as if lacs of injections are being injected in your body and that too at one single point of time… other said its like drilling machine making a hole in your skin! I was so petrified after listening to all this! One friend of mine even said that it is not something which good girls should put. Its shows indecency! I was like what? Tattoo shows indecency… I couldn’t stop laughing at such a conventional thinking of few people! They judge whether a girl is bad or good on the basis of if she has a tattoo or not… BTW, I could never ever understand the definition of a good and a bad girl… Though it’s a different story… But when this topic has aroused, I can’t stop myself from mentioning a quotation here which goes like this “Good girls are those bad girls who never get caught”…

Anyways, back to my tattoo story! So then I decided on Friday evening that I am going to put a tattoo whatever it takes. I took an appointment from a well known tattoo artist. Then we went to him on Sunday! Believe me, while selecting the design, a fight was going on in my mind that whether I should do it or not. I was in doubt! Somehow I selected the design and he asked us to wait outside. All the time sitting outside I was thinking to run away from there. I was thinking what am I doing and for what? Why do I want to take so much pain? And while all this was going on in my mind, the tattoo artist called us in. Believe me, my heart started beating harder. Then I saw the needle which he was about to use. I cannot explain what I felt after seeing that. I wanted to run away! I dint wanted that needle to drill down in my skin and that too not for 1or 2 mins but for good 20-25 mins!

I closed my eyes and decided not do see anything, the design, the scary machine, the needles, the colors and nothing at all… But for how long a person can keep the eyes closed.

And then I felt the first touch of that terrifying device on my skin and I dint knew how to react. I mean, it wasn’t that much pain that I should scream but it wasn’t even so less that I should have remained expressionless! It was a completely different feeling. Yes, there was pain, I can’t deny but not that much as people described. The whole event was no doubt painful but still, there was something which kept me still and calm! May be the hope of seeing a beautiful design on my body! But the most horrible thing in this whole incident was not pain, it was the weird sound of that instrument. Arggghhh… it was so annoying. It was exactly like a drilling machine!

And by the end of 20-25 mins, I was completely exhausted of taking the horrible pain. But then, after seeing a beautiful angel on my ankle, my all exhaustion just passed away! I was superbly happy. I cannot describe that feeling in words and believe me, it is something which is definitely worth the pain I took for it. It is one of my prized possessionJ and I am so proud of itJ

And yes, I really wanna thank my hubby because he was there for me the whole time!! He made me believe that I can go for it… Even while the designing of the tattoo and I was in pain, he was trying to make me smile all throughJ He took a magazine and was showing me the pictures of the actresses and was asking me how her dress, see what she wore and all because he knows I love to see all that stuffJ muaah to him for standing next to meJ

And yes, let me make one more thing clear here that people told me before that it pains terribly for 10-15 days after you put a tattoo but my experience is that pain is something which is unthinkable. I cant even feel that I had done something on my ankle. Its so so normal!!! There is no pain, no itching at all!

And after doing this, I took learning for myself that do not assume anything impossible by just listening to some stories. Ignore all the stories, go ahead, do what you want to do, and then shape up your opinion for the thing based on your own experience! And believe me it will be so different from what you would have heard about it!!

And now I want to do all those things of which I am really scared of, learning swimming being on priority!!

Keep smiling alwaz!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Whats goin on?

Wrote the below post on 10th of this month but just dint get time to post it!! Bad on my part:(
Posting it today with a promise that will post all the blogs on time going forward because delays really make me feel so guilty!!

There have been so much going around in our country at this moment majorly in the 2 most important or rather talked about fields i.e. politics, entertainment!
In Entertainment, Vidya Balan had sizzled everyone by her sizzling performance in Dirty Picture. She received a hell lot of praise from top bollywood people. And I guess, she also deserves it.. I mean guess she is the most versatile actor in our film industry and I don’t think or see anything wrong in the way she exposed. Guess, that was the demand of the script! and also, she just dint only expose, she even gave an applauding performance! We all would have witnessed many bollywood movies in which there is only and only exposure and no performance! I have seen people criticizing her… I really don’t know when will our society get rid of hypocritical thoughts! Hats off to her for being successful in challenging a prudish society’s obsolete and antiquated rules.

2nd most important topic which is like topping the charts is Veena Malik’s nude shoot for FHM… I don’t know why do media give so much leverage to such publicity hungers like Veena malik, poonam pandey! These people are all together from a different genre! I mean they just and just need publicity may be at any cost… which is so weird! And I believe this whole drama had been plotted by VM and FHM magazine together to get the hype which our stupid media had already given them! FHM would have surely sold few extra issues and for VM, she has been able to create the stir which she wanted before her program “Swamvar” starts! Dear media, plz stop wasting the valuable space in your newspapers and websites on these idiotic people!
And the 3rd most spoken thing was “Why this Kolaveri di?” … I think there is no need for me to say anything else… everyone knows the answer of this ques “Why this Kolaveri di, Kolaveri di, Kolaveri di?”

Ok, enough of entertainment. Lets go to the hot topics in Politics…
First would be no doubt Kapil Sibal who has done such a lousy and stupid act of trying to preach Indians the lessons on things that are morally unacceptable! Why was he not concerned about provocative material or the abuse and misuse of social networking sites before? This act of KS just looks like one more act to please Madam… Guess KS or rather congress is scared of the stir or the revolutions which these social sites are capable to generating these days. But what do they think of themselves? Somebody plz tell them we are living in democracy and ask them not to try to be dictatorial or else, the repercussions can really be bad, something which this party could have never imagined! The youth of today is not at all ready to take any sort of nonsense from anybody. And it is almost impossible to impose your oppressive rules on them! And to Ms. SG, plz don’t try to walk on the step of your mom in law! She had the capability to take the fire, you lack in that big time! So, be in your limits and behave like the servants of the people of the country and not like bloody kings!

Second most spoken topic recently was the slap imbedded on Sharad pawar!!! It was so unbelievable… I mean have anybody would have thought that a common man will ever be able to slap any of our union ministers! No, never… But this whole incident made Harvinder singh a hero for the youth. People were going gaga over his name and were full of ecstacy to know the recipient of the slap. Forget the rightness and wrongness of Harvinder’s action. I mean yes it was uncivil and undemocratic  and blah blah but for now, just look @ the response this mango man has got! So, our political parties should understand this fact that they are preparing the young India for a new revolution in which the defeat is for sure, gonna be theirs!
And the recent is Anna Hazare’s agitation again… which is no doubt commendable! I appreciate the way this man had been stuck to his demands and promises! His courage couldn’t come down despite of many attacks from the Govt on him and his team but this man is here again… Hats off to him and may you be the winner because your victory is gonna be the victory of whole India and the Indians! So, proud of you…

So this is all about going around us... Lets see what future brings for us:)
Keep smilin alwaz:)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Will our Indian Organizations change???

I heard a very humorous and amusing definition of a ‘leader’ which I really can’t stop myself from sharing with everyone!!!… And yeah, before going ahead let me give you a brief about the person who quoted the definition… He is somebody who himself is a leader and in fact, is at a very good position with an esteemed firm! And which means he should be somebody who should be an idol for everyone.

Anyways, lets get back to the definition :D…Well, according to him “A true leader is the one who comes early and leaves late from office”… Feel like laughing at this conventional thinking? Everybody in that meeting, where this was declared felt the same but obviously, had to control themselves for the sake of their jobs!! And had to clap and applause to show the great speaker that how great he and his thoughts actually are!
But I really don’t know when are Indian firms going to change this old and stupid philosophy and thinking which have completely rotted off and has become so decayed that it literally has started stinking! But still, these people don’t want to leave this aged opinion… and that’s how they have created a kind of generation gap!

I mean is it the mistake of the new generation that they are smart, they have the capability to finish off their work in the given time, they believe in enjoying life other than office, job is not the ONLY priority for them? Is it their mistake that they hate to sit in office just for showing off to their boss that they are hard working??
No, none of the above is a crime or is wrong then why does a person’s capability is not judged by the quality of his work but on the quantity of hours he sits in office?

This kind of thinking of the leaders at work simply kills the enthusiasm of youngsters, it simply mitigates the energy and the passion which the freshers brings with them to the firm!
On the contrary, if you look at the working style of foreign firms, its completely reversed… People have an independence to come and leave whenever they want to. The only condition is they should just finish off the work allotted to them or for which they are responsible for. This kind of work environment not only makes a person feel independent but also accountable! I have really seen a huge difference in the people worked in the former and later work environment!

Second problem with our organizations is that management or seniors do not want to listen to juniors because according to them they lack experience. This thought is so bizarre! These firms run on few old and rotten assumptions and one of them is “Experience brings knowledge and the capability of taking right decisions” I know it is correct to a great extent but it doesn’t mean that people with less experience lack in these 2 things… Does it???

I would want to end this topic not on my conclusion this time but on the things said by a great man Mr. Abdul Kalam in his autobiography “Wings of Fire”
On Organization  (pg 25)::

What makes life in Indian Organizations difficult is the widespread prevalence of this very contemptuous pride. It stops us from listening to our juniors, subordinates and people down the line. You cannot expect a person to deliver results if you humiliate him, nor can you expect him to be creative if you abuse him or despise him. The line between firmness and harshness, between strong leadership and bullying, between discipline and vindictiveness is very fine, but it has to be drawn. Unfortunately, the only line prominently drawn in our country today is between the ‘heroes’ and the ‘zeros’. On one side are a few hundred ‘heroes’ keeping nine hundred and fifty million people down on the other side. This situation has to be changed.

On Leadership Competencies and Staffing (pg 78)

What makes a productive Leader ? In my opinion, a productive leader must be very competent in staffing. He should continually introduce new blood into the organization. He must be adept at dealing with problems and new concepts. The problems encountered by an R&D Organization typically involve trade-offs among a wide variety of known and unknown parameters. Skill in handling these complex entities is important in achieving high productivity. The leader must be capable of instilling enthusiasm in his team. He should give appropriate credit where it is due; praise publicly, but criticize privately.

I hope the leaders in our Indian Firms understand the above said and try to bring in the change which is really due from a long time now…

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Speed of time changes with time???

Its mid of Nov’ 2011… Feel like just few days back, I celebrated the New Year and welcomed 2011! Just few days back, 2011 was an adolescent and suddenly, I realized that it had already become old and is on the verge of succumbing! And I started mulling over my head in thinking when did it passed through all the phases? Where was I when the transformation of this year was happening from a baby to a teenager, then a youth, then an adult and now, when its old, I suddenly realized!

Where was I???  What was I doing???

Arghhh!!!!…. Can’t get a detailed answer… all I could remember is I was too busy with my work, with my career, with my life! But that time, little did I realized, I was losing a precious year from my life which can never ever be compensated or reimbursed whatever I do!

Gone are the school days when years never used to pass so rapidly! Forget Years, days never used to pass so easily! We used to think, crib every day why the academic year is not moving quickly… We also had a rush to reach to the next standard. But in those days, time used to pass like hell… Literally, we used to count each and every day! Now, I speculate how come the time has started flying away these days so swiftly that counting the days is far apart, we are not even able to count the years!!

In school, a single day used to look so extended. And in that one single day, we used to finish so much work… starting from going to school and tuitions, playing games, spending time with friends and family, watching TV, finishing homework, finishing all the meals properly and even after doing so much in 1 day, we used to get at least 8-10 hours for a astound and relaxing sleep! I mean now, it all looks like something which is impossible, something unattainable…

Now sleep is a luxury! Playing games is a treat! Spending time with friends is now limited to some weekends, spending time with the family is something which depends completely on chance, Watching TV is what we manage to do while doing other important work and meals: it’s a lavishness

Life now seems to be running! And we: we are running behind it, chasing it, trying to catch up with it and in all this running and scampering  we are forgetting everything around us! Bizarre!

But why are we running behind life, what is that which is compelling us to do that, what is that which is making us forget everything? Don’t know… I just know whatever it is was not there when we were young! And that is why we used to get time for everything…

Wish I could bring back that time, wish I could bring back that life, Wish I could do everything which I used to do in my adolescent age! Wish I could again afford to be careless, Wish I could enjoy each and every second of the day, wish I had time daily to spend with my friends, wish I still had maa-paa to take care of me and everything around me, wish I still had time to fight with my siblings, wish I had no tensions, no stress, wish life could appear as simple as it used to, wish I had never ever got introduced to all the tensions and stress, wish I had never got acquainted to the hurdles and real life, wish I could just and just enjoyyyyy…  

As a child, I used to think when will I grow up and now, I wish I could again become a child! Remembering the old saying that the grass is always green on the other side! I don’t know about this side but yes, it is always green and fresh at the other end!

But keep smiling alwazzzzz whatever it isJJJ because Life is definitely beautiful….

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why do most of us live as if we'r never gonna die???

Sometimes I wonder how we humans actually live! I mean  isn’t it that we all live as if we are never going to die and then, we just die having never really lived! While alive, we do not understand the value of breaths which we take every second which keeps us in motion!!  Strange? Isn’t it? Only that person who is on the verge of dying counts his breaths, he is the one who actually knows the real worth of life, who only and only wishes for thing and that is: one more breath, one more and one more…
But its really weird and sad that we do not even have time these days to think about how are we spending this precious gift from God! We all are too busy in collecting money, luxuries and other materialistic things! Little do we realize that all the materialistic things are not going to be there forever, and also, how true is that ripened adage which almost every saffron clothes wearing sadhu repeat in almost all his satsangs, which is too boring to repeat but still I will reiterate it just for the sake of its relevance here and that is ‘we are not going to take any of these materialistic things with us to heaven, then why to waste time in collecting these affluences!’ To say further, I believe that it’s only happiness and satisfaction which our soul carries after our death! So, why not we try to attain that one thing rather than running behind things which are unachievable! I am, definitely not saying that one should become completely unambitious, unmotivated in life! No! One should never sit with content till last breath… One should keep on working till his/her body allows to! My only point is that in achieving that success, those ambitions, do not forget that you also have a life! Do not sacrifice any and every thing to get your goals! And the easiest victim which gets sacrificed in this entire course is your happiness! Do give all the luxuries, all the comfort to your family but also give your time to them… This is more precious than all the materialistic things you provide to them!

The person who loses happiness in life is the biggest loser! He is somebody who will have nothing good to remember at the last stage of his life! And then he will realize what he gained and what he lost! But at that time, it would have become too late! Because time lost is lost forever. It can never come back, may whatever you do!

So, try to create a fine balance between all the aspects of life and then, you will be able to make your life perfect to a great extent and yes, you will surely have some amazing moments to remember at the last stage of your life which will make you smile even in those most painful times of your life when you know you will have to leave this world any time!!!

And so, keep smiling forever and ever and everJJJ

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Magic of Mayawati's Maya in Indian Grand Prix!

There were few of my friends who were lucky enough to have a lifetime experience of F1 Race. Frankly speaking, I just had a fair idea of what actually F1 is and nothing more than that… <bad on my part!!!>

Anyways, so they described the whole scene there and believe me, they all went gaga over it. The way they described it, even I could imagine that it would have been an astounding and marvelous thing to watch. They and off course all the people going there would have never imagined that it will be so fantastic and incredible. According to them, the Budh International Circuit was something which can easily pass any International standards.

Everybody who went to see this race would have gone there with a doubt, would have been little skeptic and actually, would have been expecting some flaws: little or big! But it all went so well that people came out happy and praising!

But whatever you do: there are always few people who are always there to criticize. They are capable of finding faults in any and every thing. I heard in some news channel somebody was cribbing over the millions spent over building the infrastructure! According to the critics, why to spend so much on a sport because we have so many poor people starving!

I really felt like getting into the television and asking these morons that what have they done to help the needy people? And also, if spending on this sport was a wastage then I think, spending on any sport is a wastage! Be it the biggest one of all called Cricket! We all will not die if we will not host any of the cricket matches! But then there are few things which are important for a country to do place itself on the world map! And I guess F1 was one of them!

And yes, there were some critics who bought the CWG thing in between saying, have we forgotten what happened then, so how can we again take chance? So, want to tell them, are we not going to host any games in future because of the CWG incident. Should we stop organizing all the sports because we are scared of some greedy and dumb politicians? Should we? No…

India has proved that they have the capacity and capability to deliver whatever big projects comes to us! And no doubt, this time the credit goes completely to Mayawati. Hats off to her. Now even if she places her statues all over India, nobody would mind. Despite several apprehensions in the wake of the bad experience of CWG last year that attracted a lot of criticism, this international event was flawlessly executed and successfully delivered!

I even read somewhere that Mayawati takes a cut in every deal cleared for her state… But does that matter… Atleast she delivered what was expected.. Infact she delivered more than expectations!! Then, why shouldn’t we appreciate her? Its ok if she or her relatives have taken cuts in building up this BIC.  Nobody minded or will mind! Because everyone is happy with the results not like CWG, where politicians have eaten a whole lot of amount of money and even then, didn’t deliver anything! It was such a disgrace that people of India would never ever forget it!!!
Anyways, so its time for us Indians to feel proud of having delivered such a big event with such a remarkable success!!!J

Keep smiling alwaz!

Too many scared cows in the land of warriors!!!

Was reading an article on NDTV site few minutes back and was disturbed like anything after finishing it! A man was set on fire by some goons over property dispute! But the worst part of the whole incident was that the crowd there simply stood and watched the whole episode mutely! The man kept on screaming and scrambling around, at the centre of a ring of people!!! But the people there, dint do anything to save his life! Horrible!

This is 2nd case in just a week where some atrocity, some brutality happened to a person in front of a crowd and instead of helping the victim, people stood and looked at the whole incident happening!
I am surprised and even shocked that the citizens of our country have become so selfish that they do not want to get into something which is not related to them or which is not affecting them in any way! But the question here is that is there a guarantee that this cannot happen to them or their dear ones? No there is no guarantee in this gunda raaj. It can happen to anyone anywhere! But if we start helping each other, definitely the number of such incidents can decrease. How come people have become so merciless, so heartless that they are ready to witness a man on fire but are not ready to help him! Guess we Indians are forgetting that there is a thing called humanity in this world and it makes us bound to help each other!

Our society is gradually transforming into a bunch of sacred cows and nothing else! Gone are the days when this land used to be the land of warriors and fighters!

Recalling a story which a friend of mine mailed me few yrs back.
A mouse looked through a crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife opening a package; what food might it contain?  He was aghast to discover that it was a mouse trap! Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning, "There is a mouse trap in the house, there is a mouse trap in the house." The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, "Mr. Mouse, I can tell you this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence to me; I cannot be bothered by it." The mouse turned to the pig and told him, "There is a mouse trap in the house."

"I am so very sorry Mr. Mouse," sympathized the pig, "but there is nothing I can do about it but pray; be assured that you are in my prayers."
The mouse turned to the cow, who replied, "Like wow, Mr. Mouse, a mouse trap; am I in grave danger, Duh?"  So the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected to face the farmer's mouse trap alone.

That very night a sound was heard throughout the house, like the sound of a mouse trap catching its prey. The farmer's wife rushed to see what was caught.

In the darkness, she did not see that it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught.

The snake bit the farmer's wife. The farmer rushed her to the hospital. She returned home with a fever. Now everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup's main ingredient.

His wife's sickness continued so that friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock. To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig.

The farmer's wife did not get well, in fact, she died, and so many people came for her funeral the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide meat for all of them to eat.

So the next time you hear that someone is facing a problem and think that it does not concern you, remember that when the least of us is threatened, we are all at risk.

Source: http://www.ndtv.com/article/cities/36-year-old-man-burns-for-20-minutes-crowd-watched-148224

Monday, November 7, 2011

How many pairs of slippers do one need to survive?

Today morning was like a mess as usual. I was running here and there to finish all the household things and then to get ready for work on time! 
Then suddenly my maid came in the room and called me… Since I was in a hurry, I looked at her and gestured to say fast. She just said one sentence which made me stood where I was and made me forgot everything else.
She said “Amma, do you have a pair of spare chappals!” I was little stunned at the question. Before I could say anything, she just explained that she went to a temple yesterday and lost her slippers there.

Actually I was not looking out for this answer because the question in my mind was not that how come she lost her slippers. The thing I wanted to know was “Did she come bare feet to work today?” and “doesn't she have one more pair of slippers?” I was worried because I know her house was as far as around 9-10 kms from ours…from where she has to cross a railway line as well which is offcourse full of stones and all. I couldn’t even imagine that someone could walk so much distance bare feet!

I asked her the same questions and she answered “yes” to former one and “No” to the later one! I was stunned! I was sad! I was depressed! But I dint show any of these feelings to her because I believe showing sympathy to someone is equal to making fun of his/her situation! I hate to sympathize to somebody and just hate when someone does the same to me!

Anyways, I gave her 2 pair of slippers and asked her not to walk bare feet ever again…
Once she went off, I sat there on the bed for 5mins and kept on thinking about the struggle which these people have to go through. We crib about small small things which we have to face sometimes in our lives. Think about these people who have to face hardships every day, every hour! And even then they don’t crib. They smile and take life as it comesJ
I was thinking that almost every woman of middle class (being specific here) would for sure, owns atleast 10 pairs of footwear. Think about lower class. They hardly own a pair and that too because its something which is a necessity in life! Else they would abort this as well the same way they do with many other luxuries!
I felt bad. i actually do not have words to describe what I felt at that time, infact what I am feeling right now as well!
But I took my piece of learning from this incident. We should not crib at every small thing happening with us. We should smile and just let it go thinking this is just another small situation which we have to face in this huge journey called life. We should thank God for not making us fall into some bigger problem! And never try to copy people, who are above you, just look at them who are below you. and you will surely feel relieved and happy!
Keep smiling alwaz!

RIP the real Heroes!

I am sure everyone would have read about the horrifying incident of the death of 2 young boys who had to pay the huge price of their lives for saving the dignity of the girls in their group! I am sure everybody would have felt a sort of rage against the monsters who so mercilessly took life of 2 people! But the worst were those shameless spectators who stood there and dared to see the whole thing happening in front of their eyes and dint do anything. SAD! Still nothing has changed… We are still the same timid and apprehensive society! But these spectators, why do they forget that the same can happen to their children as well!

RIP Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez! You guys are the real heroes!!
Below is an article about Keenan’s Girlfriend describing the whole incident! After reading it, I had tears in my eyes, anger in my mind and enormous pain in my heart! Wish we could change our society, wish those monsters get a lifetime sentence and not come out of jail on bail as in most of the cases!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wear your success and confidence like a T-Shirt and not a Tuxedo!

I was reading an interview of Priyanka Chopra in one of the magazines the other day and there was one thing which she said and which captivated my mind immediately and frankly, I do not remember anything from that interview apart from that one thing!

To some ques, she replied “Wear your success and confidence like a T-Shirt and not like a tuxedo!!!”
Wowww… what a saying and how true… If you can carry your success in a subtle and a causal way, nothing like it… But that’s an art! Believe me! Carrying your success in a positive and a natural way is really not easy! I mean its like being flamboyant but in a natural way! But the problem here is presenting this flamboyancy into a natural way sans attitude which most of the people, unfortunately are incapable of doing!

Ahhhh…. And great are the people who sometimes cross limits of showing off! They just love to show off and cant live without it: They show off their wealth, their status, their success and some people are even much horrible! They love to show off their brands: of clothes, watches, shoes, goggles etc. and rather than looking classy, they look cheap, stupid and dumb! I am sure everyone would have crossed their ways with such people at one or the other point of life!

And worst is such people derive a sort of happiness from this pretentious act! They waste their time and energy in simply presenting their affluence and proving themselves superior to others based on materialistic things, which is so wrong! I mean others have nothing to do what brand you are wearing, rather they have something to do with if you are wearing a smile or not!

Others can love you for what you are but they can never love you for what you have!
So, wear your success and confidence like a T-Shirt and not a Tuxedo!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Value has a value only if its value is valued

Read an amazing piece today, sent by one of my friend! Copying it:
A well-known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a 500 Rs note.
In the room of 200, he asked “Who would like this Rs 500 note?” Hand started going up. He said : I am going to give this note to one of you but first let me do this” He proceeded to crumple the note up.
He then asked, “Who still wants it?”
Still the hands were up in the air. “Well,” he replied,” What if I do this?” And he dropped it on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now all crumpled and dirty. “Now who stills wants it?” He asked
Still the hands went into the air. “My friends, you all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth Rs 500/-. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that came our way. We feel as though we are worthless. But no matter what has happened or what will happen, you will never lose your value.”
You are special. Don’t ever forget it! Never let yesterday’s disappointments overshadow tomorrow’s dreams.
“Value has a value only if its value is valued”
When I read the first 2 paragraphs, I made a presumption that in the end the speaker will tear off the note and ask if anybody wants it then but the situation of tearing off the note dint ensueL I thought may be this wouldn’t have been relevant to the message which the writer wants to passJ
Anyways, I conveyed the same thing to my friend who had sent me this mail. And he answered my doubt with such a rational and valid explanation!
He said that if the speaker would have torn off the note and would have asked people if somebody wants it then obviously nobody would have said yes because after getting torn off, its value would have completely diminished! But before that whatever you do with the note, its value remains the same!
Now, same apply to people as well. Tearing of the note is like death of human. Before death may whatever happens to you, may whatever you go through, your value never goes down. Only and only death can erase your value with the body!
Keep smiling alwazzzzzzzz…….. and remember your are valuable forever.

Being lonely: worst thing that can happen?

Ahhhh… writing after almost a month! Feeling little bad, little guilty and little stupid for not doing something I love doing! But I certainly have logical reasons to defend myself. Anyways, that’s a different story.

The story for which I am back to writing today is that I am home alone! Yeah, my family had gone to Jaipur and I am left here at home all alone by myself. Today is the 3rd day and I feel miserable!

I know it will be so hard for anybody to believe if I tell I haven’t eaten anything in last 2 days. I have just been feeding my stomach with tea and biscuits occasionally. I have been sleeping at 5 am in the morning and that too not because I feel sleepy because my body demands that! I am somebody who loves to talk, and I feel miserable because there is nobody with me to talk! It feels terrible! Believe me! I guess, being lonely is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Its so so hard to eat, sleep, smile, and do anything alone! I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!! Just hate it……………. And the worst is when your friends are busy, its makes you feel more terrible…huhhh?
Why is it so? Don’t know but I terribly miss my family…

When it was decided that I wouldn’t be going to Jaipur, frankly I thought its ok, I will get some time to spend with myself… and moreover, I have so many friends that they will never let me feel alone! But I was so so wrong. There is such a big difference between friends and family… If you would have read my previous blogs, you would have known that I am somebody who really believes in friends, in friendship… I love all my friends because I think each one of them have their own contribution in what I am… I am a strong believer of the fact that one cannot live without friends!

But still, what family can do, friends can never do that and guess, its not vice versa…
Anyways, that’s all for now… really cant say and shouldn’t say anything more than this…

Just want my husband to be back!:) and make me smile again! Ahhhhhh… there are more 5 days to go to be alone: F.I.V.E… All i can tell myself for now is Keep smiling!!!:(

'Satyug' Mahabharata VS 'Kalyug' Mahabharata

Yesterday me and my husband were watching news and guess what was coming: the same old politics, the fight between Nation and corruption! Not me, guess everybody is fed up… and suddenly my husband commented that “Doesn’t it all looks like Mahabharata!”

I was like yeahhh, actually!
And then as usual, my mind started working on how and who in different politicians fit in what role of Mahabharata. It was little tough but I somehow managed to draw a reasonable diagonal between the two!

Ok, lets start the comparison. So we will discuss the first and the most important character of this great Epic: Dharatrastra! Now guess who amongst all our capable politicians matches the character of this this blind king? Ahhhhh….. According to me, its none other than Sonia Gandhi! Yes, just think about it for 2 mins and you will definitely be able to create a strong bridge between the two! Well, here I will just say that Dharatrashtra was blinded by birth and Sonia Gandhi has been blinded due to power! But both are blinded in the love of their sons!And just doesn’t care about anybody in front of their son’s future and dream!
2nd Character in Mahabharat, not very important but still who has a role to play and without which Mahabharata wouldn’t have been what its now! And its Gandhari: Dhratrastra’s wife! She had blinded herself because she wanted to go through the same pain which her husband was going through. So, guess this character can very well be played by Mr Manmohan singh who has made himself blind because of his highness: Madam Sonia Gandhi! Do I need to say anything more?

3rd main character of Mahabharata is Shakuni. There was only one Shakuni in Mahabharata, but here there are uncountable Shakunis and yes, our new age Shakunis are much cleverer than our old witty and sharp Shakuni! But still if I have to name one then guess it will be any one of our cabinet ministers.

4rd character which comes in line is Duryodhana. Now, again its so so difficult to name any one of our great politicians which matches to the greatest negative character of this great Epic. I mean now come on, if I say Kalmadi matches to Dhuryodhana, will not Raja feel bad? Because even he had given his best to bring bring our India’s honor down… The same way Dhuryodhan did with Draupdi in front of everyone!
When anyone of them takes the role of Duryodhan, the rest of our leaders automatically start playing the role of other 99 brothers of him.

Now you would be thinking what actually Rahul Gandhi represents to! Well, guess he represents to nothing, nothing at all! No character in Mahabharata has been so incapable, so useless, so ineffective as our great Amul baba!
So, this was the story of Kaurvas…

I really do not have the competence to search the people who can match to the characters of Pandavas. Sorry, guess nobody so capable is there around. May be in future we will get our pandavas.

But yes I definitely know who plays the role of Draupadi whose clothes were torn off in public by Dhuryodhan… Its no doubt our country! Its being ripped off almost every min, every sec by these selfish leaders who think that they have won this land and they can do whatever they want to do with it! The same way Kauravas won Draupdi from pandavas and thought her to be their property!
But ok lets take a small take on Pandavas as well… In the current situation, the place of Pandavas can be taken by Arvind Khejriwal and team. And may be Sri Krishna who was a guider in Mahabharata can be Anna Hazare!!

So, guess we all who are witnessing this whole episode of corruption, dishonesty and fraud in our government can claim that we have been viewers of the Mahabharta of Kalyug! What say???
Anyways, keep smiling and lets see what comes next? Who wins and who gets defeated at the end. There is only and only one concern that in real Mahabharata many innocent people lost their lives. Hope it doesn’t happen in our Mahabharata…

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A smile can really set anything right!

Had an awesome experience while driving today…
Generally while driving, I become very impatient. I just hate it when people drive their vehicles in the middle of the road and that too at a speed that you feel like they are almost carrying their vehicles (and not vice versa!) And the worst is when you honk them, they just do not move, they just do not want to move.

Similar incident happened with me today morning which is nothing unusual actually. But the way I dealt with it was unusual. I was already late for office and was driving as fast as the traffic allowed me and then, suddenly I had to almost pause! My speed went to 20 from 60 because of an uncle who was driving his scooter just in the middle of the road. And there was no chance for me to overtake him. After getting tired of following him, I honked at him twice but he did not move… then I honked hard again, he looked behind and gave me a very bad glance… Normally, at such moments I just lose my temper but then, today I was in a great mood (the reason for that was a different story)…  so, I remained calm for 2 mins, thought may be after sometime he will move to his left side where there was a lot of space for him! But the the hero on the scooter was stubborn and refused to leave a way for me.
Then I just lost it and started honking continuously and did that for about 2 mins till I made him lose his mind… As a result, he moved to the side finally and looked at me with such a great annoyance and said with a very loud voice “baap ka horn hai kya? (is it your father’s horn?)” Normally if someone speaks to me in such a tone and with such derogatory words, I park my car to the side and give them a piece of my mind! But as I mentioned above, I was in an amazing mood so don’t know but the answer which came to my mind was so impulsive and witty that even I was stunned at my spontaneity. I made my windows little down and said “arre haannnn papa ka hi hai, aapko kaise pata chala… (yes, its of my father… how come you know?)” And I smiled and showed him a thumps up and just moved on…

Then we met on the next signal. I dint want to see that man again because I was sure for what I did, he would come and shout at me… And I was in no mood for getting into a clash

But then what happened was nice. He just came next to my car and looked at me and said Sorry!
I was simply amazed. Normally, in such situations, I end up shouting or getting into arguments or sometimes, even getting into a conflict with people. But in this case what happened was completely reversed.

I looked at him, smiled and said sorry too…

So, now this is how I am going to tackle all my future traffic/ driving clashes… with a smileJ
See, I have got one more story to establish my point that a smile can set anything right…

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What is Perfect: Being Perfect or Imperfect!!!

One day I was just pondering my head in deciding whether I am a perfect person or an imperfect one! I don’t know why I was getting into it but yes, I really wanted to know. There were many parameters which could help me to reach the conclusion! I mean like the way I handle my house, the way I handle my office, the way I manage to create a balance between both! But before I start giving scores in different depts, shouldn’t I try to understand the meaning of being perfect.
Though there is no ‘perfect’ definition of being perfect but still thinking in a layman’s term, it can be depicted as “somebody who never did, never does and will never do anything wrong!” which means perfection should be there all through from past, to present and also, should be there in future.
Ok, so if I take in terms of ‘never did’, I am ruled out completely in first occurrence itself! I am not perfect! I mean everyone, I assume would have done mistakes at one or the other point of time. I have committed all sort of mistakes from small mistakes like spilling something which was meant to be for guests to big ones like hurting someone….So, that was about past… I am failedL

Now coming to present and future (want to finish them together), guess it’s the same story. Daily I commit one or the other mistake. It just happens. And for future, I just can’t promise not to do any mistake because they are something which happens unknowingly. You just do them and then later realize that what you did was wrong! So saying this, even the slightest chance of becoming perfect in future is buried!

But then when I think about giving myself scores in different walks of life, I think I get somewhere close to perfection. Because I know I try to do everything correct, be it for my family, my home, my work, my office and everything. I try my level best to do everything with perfection.
Also, just think if one becomes perfect, how boring the life will become. There will no fun, no learning at all… That’s what I believe. Because when you are perfect, it means you are at the acme of everything. There is no vacuum to be filled. You already know all that one got to know...

And I believe its mistakes and blunders from which a person learns the most. And if you stop learning, it means you are on the verge of becoming a corpse! This process of learning is very interesting and its fun… and I suppose it gradually makes a person mature. But if you are perfect, there will be no way to be covered, there will be no destination to be reached, there will be no mistakes to be corrected, there will be no learning to get!

So, be happy and be confident for what you are… Its completely perfect to be imperfect…
And at the end, keep smiling:O

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A trip to Kurnool!

I went to a town called Kurnool few days back for some office work… The plan made was so sudden that I just dint get time to book a ticket for train so I thought why not to go via bus! Because it has also been ages since I had travelled by this fantastic mode of conveyance (yes, it is fantastic if you know how to enjoy it!). So I took a bus at around 4.30 am and started my journey. I thought I would sleep on the way but I couldn’t because the beauty on the way dint let me sleep even for a single second. I was awake for the whole way and was appreciating the greenery and beauty around!
This is one of best things about south India. It’s Green. Once you are out of the premises of a city, all you will see is different versions of green colors. You don’t get to see it in Northern part as may be its too crowded or should I say too commercialized! Whatever…
I reached Kurnool at around 10 am. I liked everything about the place. I mean yeah it’s a small town but still, the simplicity of small towns is what attracts me, fascinates me! Everybody is so down to earth, modest in such places. This is what is amazing about small places. Everything looks beautiful as everything is simple…

I don’t know the local language of AP which is Telugu. It is quite manageable in cities like Hyderabad if one is ignorant of the native language but in small towns, it can really be a challenge to cop up with it… But then, you know there is one thing which is common in all the languages, you just have to use it and everything falls in place automatically and that is a Smile, a genuine smileJ. You really don’t need any words if you can afford to carry it for everybodyJ
Believe me! It can work wonders… There, whenever anybody used to say anything in Telugu, I used to simply smile genuinely and people used to understand that she doesn’t know Telugu but at the same time, my smile also used to manage to put an image of mine in their minds. They got to know me and then, it all went so easy! Without saying a single word, people started recognizing me and then, all I could see everywhere were smiling faces. They all were smiling at me… Where ever I was going, people were greeting me with a smile and all those beautiful smiles dint let me feel like an outsider even for a single second. What a pleasure!

What else you need?
When I was young, I had a poster which said:

Smile in trouble,
Smile in pain,
Smile when the tears pour like rain,
Smile when someone hurts your feelings
As you know smile is always healing!!!

Do I need to say anything else…Nahhhhh, I dont think so! 

Keep smiling forever and ever and everJJJ It really has the power to set things right…

Happy October!!!

I am sure the weirdness of the title would have astonished you… I got it from one of my friend. He never wishes anybody with a hi or a hello. His wishing style is unlike the usual style of wishing somebody when you meet him/her.  

When he meets somebody, he greets that person saying: Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday and so onJ and this chain only gets broken on the first of every month. On 1st, he greets people saying: Happy January, Happy February and so on… Isn’t it so different and so nice! I mean in just 2 words, he actually conveys so many things to a person: a hi, a wish for having a nice day, it surely makes a person smile, it surely gives a person happiness maybe just for 2 minsJ But isn’t those 2 mins far better than 2 mins of “no emotions”… What do you think?
Also, why not to celebrate each and every day of life! Why just to wish a Happy New Year, A Happy Diwali, A Happy Holi, A Happy Eid, A Merry Christmas?? Why not to change everyday into a festival by wishing every day as a Happy day...J
Seeing him, even I have started wishing people as “Happy Monday”, “Happy Tuesday” etc! People gets shocked in the first instance but then, I know they like it somewhereJ and gradually, they also start wishing me in the same style. That’s the effect this amazing greeting style has on people…

So, go ahead and give a person a smile for 2 mins… and yes, you don’t forget to smile as well…

Keep Smiling forever and ever and ever…JJJ

Friday, September 30, 2011

Do you think Passion is all that you need for winning??

I was reading an article the other day. It spoke remarkably about passion and talent…

I am sure almost all of us would have come across such people who are very passionate about something but even then they don’t seem to do so well in that particular field. They are just unable to get much success in that domain despite of having an unquenchable passion for it. In fact in some cases passion even changes to obsession.

Today is the world of realty TV shows. Everyone is going gaga over them! I guess every channel has one or the other reality show going on at one point of time so each one of us would have surely come across them. They can be competitions of dancing, singing, cooking and even of being the SUPERSTUD (remember???I know strange!) Anyways, don’t you think each and every contestants in these shows seems to be equally passionate for their domain (except superstud! because they niether look passionate nor talented), they all have such an insatiable urge to win, to get success in their own field. It sometimes, actually can flabbergast the viewers. You just feel to get into the TV and hug them! People who do not have passion for the domain doesn’t even get a chance to take part in these competitions!

But then starts the process of elimination. People start getting purged every week; they do not succeed even after having the same passion as others who succeed! So, is it all about passion? What do you think? If it had been the case that just and just incredible passion is required for getting success then there should have been no competitions, no challenges and yes, no eliminations… Everyone would have been the winner.  Then what is it that decides a person’s fate in any field? Guess its talent. It plays a very vital role in achieving success in the field you have passion for!

Creating passion for something is very easy but becoming talented in it is something which is hard and is something which defines your success in that field.

I do not have to go far to search for another example to prove itJ. I can find one in me as well! I love dancing. Believe me, its something which I just cannot live without. It is the only medium for me to release all the negative and depressed thoughts from within me! It makes me happy, makes me overjoyed. It has a power to take me into the world of ecstasy. I can dance for 'n' no of hours at a single stretch. And even, I dance well on a disco floor (people say so :D).  Taking this passion of mine into consideration, I thought to take it to the next level and so, joined a dance school. And then I realized, it needs much more than just passion to become a real champion of any domain! I did pretty ok but surely not up to my expectations which I had before joining!

So, it requires a balanced amalgamation of both talent and passion to win. The day you discover your passion for something, start enhancing it from the very same day. It would require a lot of hard work to become talented in any field. So work on it and make yourself perfect in  thatJ and then yes, then nobody can stop you from winning.

Keep smilingJ

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The suffocation of living in a fish bowl

This piece is about a friend of mine in school. We studied together for 5 years from high school till graduation. She is somebody who is a perfect example of how marriage (or may be your in laws!) can change your whole life, whole personality! How it can construct or ruin you… When one sees such incidents happening around, the belief that a girl’s life completely depends on her next family becomes stronger!
Anyways, let me first give a snapshot of her personality before she got married. Adjectives like bold, brave and audacious are the ones which could define her perfectly! She was a tigress! Nobody in College ever dared to even look straight in her eyes. She was a persona of courage who had the power to stand against the gundas of our college. And the most important characteristic of her: she never used to crib or cry!
But now, now she is completely a different person or rather I should say she is completely contrary to what she was! She got married 2 years back! I called her up on her birthday few days back and as soon as I said ‘hi, happy bday’, she started crying! I dint knew what to do, what to say because I had never seen her this way.  So, I just maintained silence and kept on listening. She would have cried for atleast 5 mins continuously and then, stopped suddenly as if she got to remember that I was on call. She simply kept the phone down without saying anything. Then, I called her up again after a couple of days and asked her the reason. Obviously she was quite reluctant to reveal anything initially. But when I insisted too much, she had to take all that out! What she told me completely astonished me.
For the last 2 years of her marriage, she had been living with her in laws and her husband had been residing in some other city for his job. She had never ever been to her husband’s place. He comes home once every alternative weekend so practically, they had not even spent 50 days together in the last 2 years!
Moreover, she wakes up at 4 am in the morning. Take a bath and finishes off all the prayers, makes breakfast for everyone, serves it, and then clean the utensils. Then, she cleans, sweep and mob the house. Then again, prepares the lunch, give it to everyone and clean the utensils!  Then do some household work, again does the same thing: makes the dinner, clean the utensils and then finally goes to bed! I mean this is what her life has become. And yes, she is not allowed to step out of her house. She has to keep ‘pallu’ on her head 24*7.
Despite of doing all this, she doesn’t have that respect, that love which she deserves, which her sister-in-laws get! The worst was when nobody wished her on her birthday… Her husband never gives her a single penny. In the 2 years of marriage, she has not bought a single thing for herself or her parents!
And yes, needless to say that as a part of custom her parents gifted her (or her in laws!) all the furniture and electronics required in a house and yes, she even got a car in her marriage.
I had no words when I heard all this from her. She, obviously dint mean to criticize her in laws. If she meant to do so, she would have told me all this much before! She was just taking out all that she had kept hidden somewhere inside her!  And she told me all this in simple words, she dint use any harsh word against anybody or anything… She dint even sounded complaining, she just sounded worried and tired! She just sounded as if she was missing someone who should be next to her! This is the greatness of this girl which her in laws are blinded towards!
Isn’t that weird to know that a girl in today’s world has not stepped out of her house in last 2 years apart from being to her parent’s home? And yes, let me mention here that she is well educated and was doing a job before marriage which off course, she is no more allowed to pursue!
But my point is cant her in laws see what they have been doing to her, to her life. Atleast her husband should have realized this! Its so wrong to make a person lead his/her life in a way which he/she doesn’t want to. Its so wrong to control and influence somebody’s life to an extent that his/her complete personality gets changed or infact, gets reversed. And in this case, all this is being done because she is a girl! Her in laws behaves as if they have done some favor to her by getting her married to their son…
Imagine the plight of that girl. How she would be breathing, how she would be living in that house where nobody ever made an effort to make her feel that its her home too.
Its her life, ideally she should live it the way she wants. I believe that there is just one life we get and we should not let it go for people who don’t care for you. It is out of my imagination how that girl is doing so much for somebody whom she doesn’t even love! I am sure she doesn’t love him because one needs space and time to love somebody which her family never granted her! You just can’t start loving somebody without any efforts being made from the other person to make you fall in love with him. Can you?
The mentality of people like my friend’s in laws is abstruse!! May be its too harsh to say but such people are sick! They believe they are still living in some 18th century. They still believe that daughter in laws are bought to be made slaves and they can control their lives as they want! Why don’t they just keep a full time maid if they really can’t handle their household things themselves? Oh, sorry in that case they will have to pay a heavy amount to her for a work of 2-3 hrs and in other case, the maid is fulltime, is  absolutely free and on top of everything, she brings loads and tons of gold, house hold paraphernalia, vehicle with her so this way of hiring a maid is better. Any clever person will opt for the later option! Right?
But the worst is her husband who had married her with the vow to keep her happy always and had made her life hell in just 2 years.
Hats off to her who is living in such a place with patience and is still, maintaining her calm, who has not broke off even after bearing so much!
Seeing her I feel that she is like the fish in a fish bowl that can see the world outside but can’t go out. Prior coming to this bowl, it had an amazing home of a river or an ocean, where it used to roam around freely and then, one day it gets captured and is being put in a small bowl of almost no dimensions compared to its original home! But it becomes her written fate to survive there for the rest of it’s life!  It has to live in that small world whether happily or sadly, a world where there are no doors, no windows to escape, where it has to actually live on the mercy of her master…
I feel terrible to see how her family has changed her life! How this new life of hers have destroyed her individuality, personality and persona. Her family has actually killed her real self. She is now a dummy/ a mannequin which breaths…
Please respect other’s independence and their individuality!  And do not treat people as slaves and servants!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ambitions Vs. Happiness!

They used to say that I was a very ambitious person.  Somebody who was always behind something and just could not breathe till it was achieved! True! I WAS like that. Yes I was… not anymore!

In the initial phase of my career, I was one of those who used to work tremendously hard. I used to hate going home early as it was something equal to wasting time for me. I used to feel that the same time could be actually consumed productively if devoted to work. I used to work till late nights, used to take up assignments blindly without even thinking about the pressure, there were no weekends for me! Actually this word ‘Work Pressure’ never existed in my dictionary. People at work, who know me well and who doesn’t know me at all, used to define me as a very energetic, over enthusiastic person, somebody with crazy vigor… But in all this, I never realized that I was missing something so precious, something so valuable and that was my family!
The success and all, no doubt gave me an ample amount of confidence, happiness and pleasure but it never gave me satisfaction.  Never! The more success and appreciation I got, the more I became addicted to it, the more I became unsatisfied, the more I became restless, the more I became unfulfilled…   I simply used to become so fidgety on days when I used to not do something different, something unique! The definition of such days completely changed for me.  I started calling them ‘Bad Days’!  And my mood completely started depending on such days! Guess, I had become over ambitious!

On the other hand was the man of my life: my husband who was entirely opposite to me: calm, cool and always satisfied with life whatever happens! I had never ever seen him displeased or sad or angry due to anything at work. And believe me I had also not seen somebody so happy, so satisfied with life, somebody who never ever had any complaints from life. He was among those rare people who never ran behind materialistic things. He was among those few who believed in enjoying life, for whom work was important in the premises of only working hours. He, no doubt gave his 100% in those hours but once he was out of office meant he was just and just for himself and his family…
I am really so fortunate that I have somebody of these rare characteristics in my life but I am also little unfortunate as it took me so many years to learn these valuable things from him.

Yes, no doubt, I am changed now. I have created a balance between both the things in my life: my ambitions and my happiness.  I cannot leave my ambitions because they are ones which defines my entire individuality, which defines me as a person, which makes me stand out, which makes me what I am!

But yes, I have removed the word “over” from over ambitious. I know the limits now and adhere to them may what comes! Now I just don’t allow my office problems to sore my personal life! After office hours, I am just and just for my family! I still have the same ambitions as before but the way to reach them is changed now. I have learnt to achieve them by not keeping my happiness on stake and believe me, the feeling is so amazing! I am a much happier person now! Now, there are no more ‘bad days’ in my life. Life is filled with just and just good days.
This is one of the best changes which I have bought in my personality!

I have learnt to enjoy life in real terms now and I am just loving it…

Friday, September 16, 2011

Inventions of transitionary technology!

I still remember the first time I heard about a mobile! I was in 8th or 9th std and got so much fascinated by the idea of carrying a phone wherever you go!  I used to ask my dad to buy one. But then spending 14 Rs /min for just talking to somebody was something which was out of reach for any middle class person! I used to think that if ever I possess a mobile, will be like a dream come true.

Then just after 4-5 years, in my graduation, I was an owner of a mobile and it was no big deal for me or for anybody else for that matter. 

Same was the case with desktop. People who used to have desktops used to be considered rich and weathly and knowledgeable too as they used to use computers! But then, after few years, everybody had them and infact, now they are in the dying phase.

Likewise happened with laptops! Initially, when they were introduced in the market, everybody went crazy for them. Everywhere there was news about laptops and everyone wanted to have them. Then again after 2-3 years, laptops became something very common. Something which almost everybody had and it became a necessity. They actually were the reason of desktops getting succumbed!

Then came the era of netbooks and notebooks which off course dint stay for long. They were all the rage at the beginning. People declared them the future of computing, and so forth. But you barely see them mentioned anymore…  

And now is the world for tablet. It is spreading like madness, like some disease. Everyone wants to have a tablet and owning one have almost become a status symbol. They are the new soup du jour. But we will come to know the future of it in next 2 years. There can be anyone one case from the possible two options: Either everyone will own a tablet like mobiles and laptops or they will get vanished like netbooks and we’ll all be writing articles on “Remember the thing called tablet?” But I guess, the possibility of the later case is higher and there are many reasons for it. The main one being that it is something which is not a necessity. It can’t become a mobile and cannot even take the place of a laptop. There is nothing unique about them. One surely can’t buy a tablet to replace either of these devices; it only adds something as a third device. You can't really use a Tab while walking down the street because it's too big for that and so you can’t replace your mobiles with it. And there are many heavy computing tasks that a tablet cannot do like photoshop etc, which means ditching your laptop or desktop altogether would be something you'd regret later. So, it is something which is a luxury to own. Or it can be said that this is also a silly invention of transitionary technology which offcourse only future can confirmJ

But yes, the pace at which there were changes in the technology is appreciable and something to be admired!  We had mobiles, laptops and now, an (almost) amalgamation of both in the tablet!

Ditto happened with TVs, VCRs (if anyone remember), CD players, DVD players, CD music systems, cassette players (which is now an extinct device)! But all these gadgets have their own long storyJ

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prove your faith in God!

I have always shared a peculiar relationship with God. I mean I do not visit temples much, I do not fast, I do not light a lamp every morning at home, I don’t chant bhajans sitting in front of God, I do not offer him food before I eat, I don’t offer money to temples, I don’t do any of the defined things which can prove my faith in God. But is doing these defined things the only way which can identify my faith in God and label me as a believer in him. Despite of not doing any of these things, I can say very strongly that I do believe in him. I don’t do any of the defined things but I do things which I feel God would be happy to see me doing! And that is my way of showing love and faith in my diety!

I think rather than visiting temples, people should visit orphanages and just have a word with the orphans who will be immensely happy to see people caring about them!  Rather than fasting, just thank God once everyday to give you the food of the day! Rather than lighting a lamp every morning, just think about him once every morning when you open your eyes! Rather than sitting and chanting bhajans in front of him for hours, just talk to him sincerely for 5 mins daily! Rather than offering food to God statues (which definitely goes waste afterwards), just give it to some person who would be hungry or atleast give to some street animals! Rather than giving money in temples, give it in some orphanage or in some old age home! It will help somebody needing it!

This is all I think can define your faith in your God! He will definitely be happy to see you doing these things and will agree to your faith in him. Doing worldly defined things will only prove your faith in God in front of people. And only losers tend to prove something in front of other people!
I also believe that he would be sitting somewhere on the seventh sky and noticing everybody! I mean some power has to be there to run this wide and huge world! It just can’t go on by itself. Somebody has to be there who manages this complex thing of life and death. And if somebody wouldn’t have been there then I am sure Man would have been able to solve this mystery of life and death.
Anyways, coming back to God, want to mention here that I am a follower of Lord Ganesh. And this faith of mine in him is not recent; its been there since childhood: since I could remember I understood the meaning of God. He has a sort of energy, some sort of power. Whenever I see any of his statues, I feel like his eyes are speaking, his eyes are talking to me! This is the power this deity has! Just thinking about him makes me overwhelm. He has that effect on his devotees. Whenever I feel like asking something from him, I become wordless! I just keep on staring him and staring him and staring him. He never gave me a chance to put my wishes in words! Instead, whenever I think about him, I get a assurance in my heart that he knows all that I want and he will give me all that at the right time! This is what he is. The power, the command this God owns should be experienced, should be felt. I just get carried away whenever I think about him!

Even after my immense faith in him, I am not in favor of immersing his idol in water. And the reason, you would have known from my last post!

Anyways, trust him, have faith in him! And never ever worry about anything as he is there for and with everyone: people who believe him and even with people who don’tJ

Keep smilingJ