Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maa, Why can't I fly?

And I asked my mom once,
"Maa why can't I fly?"
She went silent for few seconds,
"coz u don't have wings", and she replied,
"Why don't I have wings?" I bothered her again,
And Maa got confused,
What answer would she give,
To such a stupid question?
She went quiet,
Was she thinking something?
Even i was quiet, staring at her,
Waiting for the reply...
"Coz you are not a bird" Finally she said,
I got annoyed by her answer,
And shot one more question,
"But everyone can do everything,
Then why can't I only fly?"
She went numb again,
She drowned in her pool of thoughts again,
Probably to find the best answer from somewhere deep down,
Like a beautiful pearl found at the bottom of an ocean,
I was staring at her,
My little eyes blinking,
My innocent heart waiting,
Waiting for maa to speak,
And let me know "Why can't I fly?"
Then Maa finally replied:
"Everyone can't do everything,
Fish can't blink,
Plants can't think,
Camels can't swim,
Ants can't scream,
Cats can't read,
Dogs can't sing,
Trees can't walk,
Elephant can't dance,
Whales can't flutter,
Hippos can't jump,
I can't fly,
Daddy can't fly,
And so, you can't fly"
I smiled and looked at her,
I was happy with the answer,
I was happy to know,
There were many others,
who can't do many things,
Many things that I could do,
Poor souls! I felt bad for them...
I was contended and went to sleep,
I was in ecstasy thinking that,
I can blink,
I can think,
I can swim,
I can scream,
I can read,
I can sing,
I can walk,
I can dance,
I can flutter too with my tiny hands,
and I can off course jump,
There is only one thing I can't do,
I can't fly...
May be I will learn...
I will one day...

Confessions of a shopaholic

Its so easy for this world to just declare "Stop shopping!" "Its wastage of money" and blah blah blah... Its so easy for them to give their opinions!! But I say, put yourself in my shoes and then, probably you will understand... Anyways, my plight is too abstruse for anyone!

Ask me who is totally addicted to shopping!!! Every month I promise myself that this is gonna be the last month for me to shop, no more shopping, I rebuke myself every month!!! Yes, that's a job that I do religiously! But the problem is I am just not able to adhere to it. Now the big question is Why? You really wanna know? Well, then here it is:

That's because I am addicted. Addicted to the most incredible thing in the world that they call shopping, but for me the word is life and blood!!! The moment my salary is credited into my account, the moment my phone beeps with my salary credited msg, my mind stops working, my mind stops listening to me. Yes, there is some strange connotation between my salary's msg and my mind. It forget all the promises, it just dump all the pledges to some corner of the brain from where it is difficult for me to see them! All it does is, starts thinking about the stuff that I had planned last month to buy but couldn't because I was broken till then. Poor me *sob sob*

And so, first thing I do after my salary is credited, I go online, and shop, shop everything, every damn thing I like!!! I don't care if I need that stuff, I buy every random thing from almost every online site. I just shop till I drop, till my eyes start stinging by staring into my lappy's screen and yes, till i feel contented, i feel satisfied... Not for the month... for the day!!! Because I again have this weird urge to shop next day, that uncontrollable desire that begs me to shop, that cries and plead me to shop... And so, I again shop and this chain continues till I get broken off for the month... Till there is nothing left in my account and then, the whole month is spent in misery:(

And BTW, this breaking off thing doesn't happen in the last week of the month... By the time first week ends, I am already broken!! I am already bankrupt and I am already done with all my money. Now the question is what do I do for the rest of the month??? Nothing... just go to these online shopping sites, stare at the stuff that I really really die to own and promise myself to buy it next month!!! This promise is not made to be broken, this promise is not made to be dumped!

I am smitten by shopping. I am obsessive about it! When I pass through all the malls and the shops, my eyes are like stuck on the mannequins... yes, even while driving!!! I cant stop myself... I have no control on my eyes. They just turn and start staring at those amazing luring enticing attires on those mannequins that can't even understand their worth, that cant even appreciate their beauty, that cant even feel the softness of their fabric!!! And I feel as if they are calling me, calling me to try those dresses! to try them, to have them, to possess them and to own them!! What's going on in your mind??? Lemme guess, that I am kidding? No dude I am not! I am damn serious... Ok, so now you think I am crazy... Ahhhhh... Crazy be it!!! But that's how I feel!!!

Shopping is one of the best feelings in the world!!! That amazing happiness that you get when you buy something, that wonderful pleasure that you drive when you own something is just indescribable!! The moment a shopping packet arrives, my heart just gets filled with joy, with ecstasy. And for the whole day I wait to reach home and to open it, to touch and feel the stuff I got!! And that feeling is just out of the world!!!

Though I am packrat of shoes and cloths, still I always want more, more of them... I always feel like I am short of something or the other... Even after shopping the whole world, I feel damn I dint buy anything this month and my money is gone, its finished, it got vanished somehow!!!Strange!! Attimes, I wonder if its my bank that steals my money *grrrrrr* or may be my money has wings, it just fliesssss *sob sob sob*... It did not even get me a chance to buy those vero moda pants, that mango dress, those amazing shoes, those glittering pumps, that awesome neck piece!

But then the moment I open my closet, I know where my money flew!! It just took some other form in my closet!! Once I have nothing left, its miserable, its horrible, coz I am just unable to buy what I want to, actually what I need. Yes, I have a red trouser, but does that mean I don't need a green one, a yellow one, or a purple one?? I have a white top, does that mean I don't need another white! I do have a collection of heels but I still need heels in brown, in pink, in blue... errrrrrrrrrrr.... Yes, this all is a need and not a want....

Anyways, so when I am broken by the second week of every month, I stop shopping, not by choice but because I am compelled to! Do my wallet have a hole? I need to check... But whatever, in those days of misery I become responsible:) I feel matured! Yes, seriously, that's coz that's the time when I understand the importance of money and so, I make a promise to myself not to ever waste my money again. But that's a promise made to be broken and that's the irony. But atleast I feel responsible for few days in a months:P

I wonder if that song Addicted from Enrique is written for me and my addiction for shopping:

"Maybe I'm addicted, 
I'm out of control,
but you're the drug
that keeps me from dying. 
Maybe I'm a liar,
but all I really know is
you're the only reason I'm trying..."

P.S. the word "You" in the above lines, is "life and blood" that they call "shopping"

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Go and do these damn things!!!

I was just wondering last night about things that I just love to do! Things that make me happy, things that can make me smile in any damn situation, things that never let me go down...

And then my thoughts gradually crossed the bridge from a narrow bottle neck thinking to a broader one...

What are those few things that we should always always do... Whatever happens, where ever we are and in whatever situation... What are those? After mulling over for sometime, I was able to recollect few of them and I am dumping them here on this space:

1. # 1 is offcourse my living mantra: Keep Smiling!!! Never ever leave your smile for anything or for anybody... Smile is, believe me the greatest gift from God to mankind... It has the power to take you to the world of ecstasy in seconds. Whenever you feel down next time, just try to smile... Crazy it sounds? Nayy? Let it be... Crazy be it... But smile... Smile at yourself... Smile with yourself... Smile for yourself and you will feel contented

2. Make friends who love you. It is just impossible for someone to live without friends. They love you, pamper you and spoil you! But only keep those friends who truly love you!

3. Read: It makes you feel alive. It does. It makes you to think, it makes you to drown into the ocean of creativity, it really has the power to give you different prospect, different view about different things! And so Read, read a lot!!! Read anything: an article, a novel, a fairy tale, a blog anything but its important to read:)

4. Do the things you use to love doing few years back. Revive your passion, make your hobbies breathe again... Give them some space in your life! Try doing them once more coz you will enjoy doing them now as well: paint, dance, create things, write, travel... anything... But do something. Never let your hobbies die. They make you, they define you, they create you...

5. Just pack your bags and start for somewhere... Alone... yes, alone... It really gives you a chance to explore yourself, your inner self... Just try doing that and you will bless me:D Don't give an excuse that you have a family. If you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it!

6. Most important, kick out those idiots from your life, who make you feel bad about yourself, who make you feel down. Do that right away!!!! Be with people who help you to boost your confidence:)

7. Sleep... Sleep a lot. Take out at least one day in a week to sleep like a log

8. Get hurt, don't hide your feelings from yourself, don't hide them behind a smile... Let yourself get hurt, make yourself realize that pain, make your heart go through that suffering, make your soul go through that anguish, fall apart, make yourself numb to everything around, cry out loud, louder and loudest and then, you will feel relieved, relieved of every pain... It will also make you strong:) Next time, the pain will be less... Try it...

9. Shop: I always say this, when you feel depressed, go and pamper yourself... Shop till you drop!

10. Learn something everyday... Every single day!!! Its a sin to stop learning...

11. Do you remember the days when you used to love lying under the stars and count them! Count them again coz you used to get confused, count them yet again coz you used to count a star twice, oh no may be thrice!!!... and then, sleep there under the blanket of those stars, while trying to count them again and again... Why don't you try that now again... No, I am serious! Try it and its still the same fun... Even today those stars will love to cover and shield you with their blanket.

12. Have you ever tried to make, create meaningful images out of those clouds in the sky... Yes or no whatever your answer is. Go and do it now... And you will realize how creative your mind can be! It will surprise you...

13. Do not waste your time in doing a job that you don't like. Its one life we get, do not waste even a single sec on something you hate doing

14. Never stop yourself from learning something you always wanted to learn, due to any reason: be it family, studies or age! That's a crime... Go and learn whatever you always wanted to learn.

15. Take a break from this world. Switch off your mobile, laptop, get hibernated. No FB, no twitter, no bbm, no whats app, no chat on, no my chat, no applications, nothing. Just live few moments with yourself. Only with yourself and then, you will realize how beautiful and unique a person you are!

16. Live and let live...

17. Learn to accept the criticism and work on it:D If you like taking compliments, why not criticism...

18. Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself

19. Slap those idiots who spread negative energy all around who just always crib and talk about negative things... And next time you find yourself doing that, well, you know whom to slap first:D

20. Never forget to love people around you, people who love you, people who define you

21. Set priorities in life

22. Figure out what you want in life. The sooner, the better and start working on achieving that... Leave everything aside that could'nt find an existence in your list. Coz that means they are worthless to even have a micro second of your life.

23. Tell people what you feel about them: good things. Never stop yourself from telling people the good things you find in them: whosoever they are: Friends, relatives, best friends, spouse, parents, acquaintances and even, somebody whom you have never spoken to.

24. Know your strengths and weaknesses... NOW!!!!

25. Make your life worth living by giving a part of it to someone who needs it, it can be anyone. A poor child on the street, someone in your life, a stranger, a friend anyone

26. Care for those who love you... The true ones will be very few. And so, handle them with care:D

27. Take chances in life!!! Do things that you wanted to do but was always scared of the repercussions! Do them now... How so ever bold and audacious they sound! Come on take a leap on hope:)

Many of them sound crazy, stupid and bold but that's life! These are the exact adjectives that can define this thing called life. Think about it... Then why not to make these adjectives define you. Let them explore you... Let them... Give them a chance... 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Casualty caused by love!

And I feel trapped by this feeling again,
Feeling that I try to ignore everyday,
Feeling lying in disguise somewhere,
Feeling I keep hiding from this world,
Feeling that make my eyes sting with anger,
Feeling that makes my heart filled with wrath,
Feeling that make my words noxious,
Feeling that fills my soul with annoyance,
Feeling that makes my mind shiver with ire,
Feeling that grab all my happiness in its clutches,
Feeling that doesn't allow me to smile or sleep,
Feeling that takes away my confidence completely,
Feeling I try to ignore everyday,
I feel trapped with that forbidden feeling again,
What causes that feeling to come to me?
Love! I even know the answer to it,
Yes, its only love that invites that banned emotion,
Emotion that I labeled with a prohibited tag,
But love trashes this tag and brings it back from oblivion,
Love! Love! Love! Love!
Shall I tag love itself as a forbidden passion!
Will have nothing left to bring that banned feeling back,
Because its love that goes hand in hand with this sentiment,
And this forbidden feeling is called jealousy, that I just hate to meet,
But love is the culprit that brings it back to my life,
Jealousy is what changes me to some other person I don't like
Strange and Bizarre!!!
So, shall I label love with a forbidden tag,
Then there will be nothing to call jealousy back,
But there is one thing I know now,
If you chose to keep love in your life,
Be prepared for jealousy being the first casualty...

The mysterious night...

And its dusk again,
Inviting the mysterious night to come,
And again it comes, on the horses of darkness...
Spreading dusky mist on the window panes,
Making everything disappear into oblivion,
Covering everyone with the disguise's mantle,
Hiding this world from the universe,
The mysterious night is here again,
to play its favorite game,
With the dark murky black shade, it invades,
Invades into each and every corner,
Blurring the houses and the roads,
burying another day into dark hole,
Sealing the fate of one more date,
Preparing us for another new dawn,
Here comes the mysterious night again...

The unknown reflection

I looked into the mirror,
And got waved off in the thoughts,
Who is this? I wondered,
I was not able to recognize myself,
This was not the refection of the girl I knew,
I was changed!
Yes, I was changed,
I was not the same,
Same as years before,
When I was audacious and bold,
When I had the courage to refuse,
Refuse to change for anybody,
When i was bold enough,
Enough to face the world alone,
But now, I can't see the same person,
Have I changed according to this world's rules?
Where is my true self gone?
Is it lost in this world's game?
Or have I left it somewhere behind to lead this race,
I don't see the same raw energetic girl,
Who's this person who looks exhausted and tired,
Why does she look so scattered and shattered?
I can't even see the dreams in the eyes of her,
The dreams that had always enlighten her soul,
Dreams that had always kept the passion alive in her heart,
Where are those?
I can't see the same zeal in her,
Zeal to conquer the world,
Where did that enthusiasm disappeared?
Is she tired or worn out,
Of fighting with this world,
Of struggling with its ways,
I wish I could get my old one back,
That was bold enough to fight with this world...

Monday, May 27, 2013

In Pursuit of Happiness: Gul Panag

I just got across an article written by Gul Panag and just loved it! Simply delighted to read such an amazing piece. I really couldn't resist to share it. And so, here it is:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Girl with a heart on fire...

'm a girl with a heart on fire,
A girl always walking on the flames,
The girl with the golden blazing soul,
The girl embedded with the burning core,
And this is the fire that makes me strong,
Strong enough to face this world,
The flames inside gives me the power,
Power enough to stand against the odds...

I spy...

I spy on my feelings,
And I spy on my thoughts,
I spy on my heart,
and I spy on my mind...
Do you know the reason, the big WHY?
'Coz I know they are deceiving me,
They are playing games with my core,
'Coz I know they are going out of control,
Out of control of my soul,
'Coz i know they have stopped listening,
Listening to my inner voice,
'Coz I know they are getting matured,
Matured enough to go on their own...
And so, I spy on my heart,
I spy on my mind,
I spy on whatever they feel,
I spy on whatever they think...


There are moments that you never want to let go,
There are memories that you never want to forgo,
There are moments that you feel could be captured,
There are days that you feel could be detained
Captured, detained and then frozen forever,
Frozen forever in its most splendid form,
So that you could live them again,
Again whenever you want to forget the pain,
Again Whenever you wish to smile,
You could just live them again,
Those moments captured and detained,
And frozen forever in its most magnificent form...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I am....

I am a song that has not being sung,
I am a shriek that never got released,
I am a tale that has never been told,
I am a story that still lies unfold,
I am a bird who could never fly,
I am a moth, in the flame that dies,
I am a flower that could never blossom,
I am a stream that could never meet an ocean,
I am the colors that could never create a rainbow,
I am the tears that could never flow,
I am the sky that could never meet the earth,
I am a painting that has never been admired,
And this is what I am...
I am everything...Yet I am nothing...
I am relief...and I am pain...
I am dearth...and I am rain...
I am smile...and I am scream...
I am an open book...and I am the master of disguise...
I am outside... and I am within...
I am here... and I am nowhere...
I am this... and I am that....
I am what, and I am what not...
I am life, and I am death...

Me: The Trouble-Maker in your life!

I know I am little impatient,
I know I am at times intolerant,
I know I get irritated very easily,
I know anger is always just a bit away from me,
I know I behave weirdly at times,
I know I am absurd many times,
I know I am extremely obsessive,
I even know that I am possessive,
I know its just hard to handle me at times,
I know its just so hard to explain me things,
I know I am a trouble maker in your life,
I know there are things you do that, I don't realize,
I know I become a different person completely,
Somebody who becomes a stranger suddenly,
Somebody whom you had not fallen for,
Somebody whom you have never dreamt of...
But then All I want to say is I love you,
And I dare to behave like this only with you,
There is no one else who is so close to me,
To pretend in front of you, there is just no reason I see,
All I can say is I do this because I know you very well,
I know you love me too much to leave me because of this mess,
I know you understand me and why I behave this way,
Thanks for being there with me in all those strange days...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One religion in our country that everyone follows BLINDLY!!!!

These days all I am seeing and hearing is about Sreesanth, Chandela and Chavan... Offcourse amongst the three, its Sreesanth who has grabbed all the limelight!!! Because he is the most famous one amongst the three!

Anyways, one thing that I don't understand is this is not the first case of match fixing that has been disclosed! We all know that it happens, its exists but still we run behind these matches. We just leave every damn important thing, just to watch a match even when we know that they can be fixed but still, we love to make fool out of ourselves. We see matches so passionately that if our team losses, we feel the pain of a personal loss! What they say is so true that Cricket is a religion in our country and cricketers: they are God! Why? for what... I am just and just unable to understand! They are playing out there and getting paid, rather paid super heavily for that... They are not doing a charity or something for God sake! They are just doing their job like anybody else! And then, there are some idiots who bloody doesn't even care for people's emotions and just get sold for few more bucks!

I mean I am just so unable to understand the reason why Sreesanth had to do this! He is young, is in National team and would have been there for long... Just for few more lacs, he sacrificed everything: his promising career, his respect, his family's honor everything! He kept everything on stake just for few more bucks...

And BTW, I din't mean to crib about these 3 here... All I wanted was to write about the 13 years old young boy, Aditya Rankha who was brutally murdered last week and his murder has a link with all this crap... I don't know if you have even heard about this case... because everybody including media is more interested in showing how much Sreesanth made with this fixing, how many tantrums he had thrown while getting arrested, what gifts he gave to his girl friend and how much was it worth it, with how many women he had slept, from where they hailed and blah blah!!! Its just weird... And do people really care about it???

This little boy was kidnapped by his own cousin and his elder brother's friend, for ransom, just to cover IPL betting losses and then, was cruelly murdered because the kidnappers got panicked, they got pissed off as the boy's family lodged a complaint in police... Nobody would actually be able to believe that a cousin can commit such a heinous and atrocious crime. Hearing about these incidents that have become so regular these days, you just tend to feel scared! You naturally feel apprehensive about whom to trust and whom not to!

Poor soul had to give up his life for mere 7 Lakh... and that too for something where he just had no link, nothing, just no connotation!!! I just can't explain in words, how dreadful and sad I am feeling! After hearing about this incident I am just and just shocked and is again bound to mull my brains over that old question, which nobody have an answer for now: where is our society heading??? When these sort of things happen in villages and small towns, everybody puts the blames on illiteracy. But what about these literate b*&^*ds?  (I am sorry to use such a language, I never wanted to... But then you just can't use any other word for them..) So, whom would you blame in these cases???

I know whom to blame... The increasing desire in everybody to live a hi-fi life like those of upper class... To become a branded person with all the branded stuff, to own huge and fancy cars, to live in big bungalow in some posh locality, to have those hi-fi gadgets, foreign trips, to live a lavish life. People do not even feel a bit reluctant to kill someone for all these luxuries! All people want and think today is just and just how to become rich, how to make more money, to find out shortcuts to become Ambani without any hardwork. And these things like IPL, act like catalyst to such horrible and corrupt ideas, gives ways to people to easily make money and become wealthy. Sad! We have started living such a pretentious life, such a fake and showy life! Today a person is not respected because of his knowledge or because of his doings but because of how rich he is, how much bank balance he has, which car he drives, where does he reside, which mobile phone he uses n blah blah!!

And these days, power comes in a package with money! And so everyone is running behind money because power will follow automatically. Its a combo!!! I am not blaming one or the two people here. We all are changing. We are forgetting our values day by day. We are going far from our core culture with each passing movement... I feel sad, I feel terrible!! And this all applies to those 3 idiots as well who dint feel any shame to do match fixing just for few bucks! Oh yes, it gave Sreesanth money to lavishly spend 2 lakhs on his girlfriend's branded cloths in one go! woaaaa... See, I told you this amazing luxury can only be granted by money. Right? So what if they have cheat, so what? Hardly matters, big deal for these senseless, bogus and hollow people...

Anyways, may Aditya's soul rest in peace. And may God give some sense to such senseless, insane psychos who doesn't even get scared to kill somebody, who doesn't feel a bit hesitant to take someone's life!

God bless everyone with a sense of kindness and humanity.

I will not say keep smiling today because I can't smile with these tears in my eyes and this anger within me!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

You are not allowed to be too handsome!

I am sure all the ladies out there would have certainly heard the name of Omar Borkan Al Gala... If you haven't then its a crime! Ladies go and google this name and believe me, you will witness one of the most handsome man ever existed on earth (off course after Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Richard Gere... they are my favs!)...

Ok, so the thing is now why this name Omar Borkan Al Gala suddenly became so popular... That is because he was thrown out of the annual Jenadrivah Heritage & Cultural Festival in Riyadh. His crime? Take a guess... Come on... His amazing sexy looks. Shocked... Don't be! Because that's true. This guy was thrown out of the festival just because the authorities thought that he was too hot for the innocent ladies out there to handle. This is so funny, its hilarious. I mean what did authorities thought? That all the ladies are going to jump on him, molest him, rape him... Whatever! I don't know if ever a man has been penalized for having good looks but whatever this one incident has given Omar a global fame overnight:)

I am curious now to where this guy is gonna head next... Hollywood or may be Bollywood:P Come on Omar, we will be more than happy to have such a handsome man on our land:) *drooling* ha ha ha...

Keep Smiling!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Will you even love me when...

Will you even love me when:
My smile will become dull,
When the wrinkles on my face will sharpen,
When the sparkle in my eyes will go haze,
When my stories will sound like a maze,
When my voice will start trembling,
When i will start forgetting everything,
When my hands will begin to shake,
When I will not be able to differentiate,
When I will not be able to support you in anyway,
When I will have no tales and stories to narrate,
When i will become a little whimsical,
When i will get irritated with no explanation,
When you will have to find reasons to make me smile,
When you will have to take care of me like a child,
When i will not be able to give you any happiness,
When i will have nothing to fill your life with cheerfulness,
Will you even love me then?
As much as you do now...

Prioritizing things in life

I just read a piece on FB and just cant stop myself from shared it with  you guys.

It is as below:

How true is it what Dalai Lama said about Man... Today, out of curiosity I was just calculating the time that i would be living in different terms. Lets take the average living age of a man to be 80 (which I am sure is gonna get go down in the coming years!!!)..

So, in years it would be off course 80
In terms of months its 960 (yes, ONLY!!!)
In terms of days, its only 29200
In terms of weeks, its only 4160 which is also the no of weekends!!!!!
And we just have 7 lac hours!!!!
I do not even want to calculate it in terms of mins and secs:(

Imagine we have so less time to live and we waste most of it in stress, tension, making money and we just forget to give time to the people we love most, to the things that matters the most to us, to the stuff that makes us happy, to the things that we love doing, to our hobbies... etc etc... Guess, most of us live in the perception that we are mortals, we will never die!!! We live in a hope that @ the end we will have enough time to enjoy... But alas, it happens very rarely... Because by the time you reach to the stage of enjoying life,  your body refuses to cooperate!!!

Yes, making money is necessary for living a comfortable life but then, it should never be done by keeping health on stake... by forgetting about other valuable things in life that matters the most to us!

Keep smiling alwaz... n remember: We only live once... Its just one life that we get... Enjoy it to the fullest...

It all sounds like some gyaan... but believe me, one day everyone realizes this fact... and for many, till the time they realize its too late... Because by then most of their life has already been spent on worthless things!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I wish...

I wish I could lighten the darkness,
I wish I could talk to the silence... 
I wish I could scare the fear,
I wish I could add some distance to the near,
I wish I could give a smile to sadness,
I wish I could give a lease of life to death... 
I wish I could add some relief to all sort of pains,
I wish I could put in some emotions to the mountains…
I wish I could give a movement to the trees,
I wish I could make the sky and earth meet…
I wish I could I could add innocence to manhood,
I wish I could add permanence to the childhood…
I wish I could make smiles flow like bird,
I wish I could give wings to all of us…
I wish I could design clouds of happiness,
I wish I could lessen up all the stress…
I wish I could eliminate sadness from this world,
I wish I could straighten things are twisted and curled…
I wish I could add some happiness to everyone's life,
I wish I could add a pinch of love in all the strife’s…

Please stay in my heart

I hate so much to cry,
To stop the tears, I always try,
But happiness is something one cannot buy,
To myself, anymore I cannot lie,
Outside for the world, I keep this smile,
But inside I know, I am dying,
Dying of some unknown pain,
I don't know which cloud pour this rain,
But I know this pain is taking my life,
The way it has already snatched my smile,
I want to forget this pain forever,
So that at least now I can live happier,
I don't want to shed tears anymore,
Yet, every time from somewhere they pour,
I wish I could destroy the part within me,
Where these tears are stored somewhere deep,
But then guess that's a corner in my heart,
How can I destroy something of that part?
Because that's where you also stay,
To reach to you, that's the only way,
How can I dare to destroy your place?
Even if its also a home to all my pains,
Even if all my tears are stored there,
To demolish your home will not be fair,
I will stay with this pain forever,
I will learn to smile what so ever,
But you please stay in my heart,
I promise you will be safe in that part,
I will take all the sufferings and pains,
But will never let you get drenched in the rain...
I promise I will keep you safe,
But plz never leave my heart...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why do we need double identity always???

These days, as unable to read newspaper regularly, I start my day with having a glance at the major news websites. And after reading a piece, I like reading those comments that people leave at the end of the news. I like doing that because I love to know different people's opinions on different things/news/topics. They are at times interesting and can really give you new angles to see the things, can provide you fresh thoughts and can show you new facets of viewing things.

And I tell you, you will find the comments of each and every genre out there! Outrageous, hilarious, religious (that are not even related to the news), shocking, awful, admirable, genuine, disgraceful, shameful, angry etc etc etc... The list is never-ending...

And at times, the worst is when people just starting fighting over silly things out there... When people start commenting at each other's religion just for the sake for it: and most of the times the news is not even related to the same!

But one thing is so common in all of them and you know what is it? In 90% cases, people never dare to disclose their identity. They have guts to write all sort of nonsense about others, about each others religion but alas, have no guts to even reveal their real name!!! Yes, some people mention their names, and they are those who genuinely put the comment. They are not like those idiots for whom the comment text boxes are a source of emitting out their negative energies. They look at it as a space that gives them freedom to release their anger and irritation! I mean I feel pity on such idiots: Who try to portray bold but are really cowards. Who needs dubious identity for themselves, for putting forth their own views. They can't even stand openly next to their own opinions. Such kind of people want to live with both the identities: One: the real one or rather I should say the pretentious one which is the goody goody image one and two: the real one which is full of hatred and abhorrence  which is filled with negative thoughts that are hidden somewhere and if disclosed is always done very carefully, so much cautiously that even the strangers shouldn't be able to know their names!

Now tell me what name will you give to such cowards?? The worst is more than half of the people who comment on these sites are like that! Sad! Why can't people be what they are? Putting outrageous comments is not bad, I am nobody to condemn any one's actions... We all live in a free country thankfully and everyone has a right to put forth their opinion whenever wherever and in whatever form/ words they feel like. Also, everyone has an opinion of their own, everyone has a different understanding of things... The only thing I feel bad about is if you have an audacity to put forth your opinion on a public forum then why cant be you be bold enough (rather I should say man enough) to put it with your name! Why do you need a dubious identity to take out the negative thoughts? Why do you need a separate name for putting forth your opinions? And if you are so scared of getting recognized then don't dare to even put forth those hatred things...

Anyways, that's my opinions and my views:)

All I want to say is I hate and just hate the hypocrites in our society who have really made it so hollow!!!

Somethings are beyond our reach...

Standing in front of a mirror,
I was so compelled to wonder,
Some things are so near to us,
But they are still so far away,
Like the tattoo at my back,
It’s a part of me,
Its always so near to me,
But still I am unable to see it with my eyes!,
I feel terrible at this plight...
But then, there are things that are visible to my eyes,
But are so difficult to get through,
Like those shinning bright stars,
That looks like shinning gems in the sky,
They look so stunning to my eyes,
I get tempted to steal all of them,
But I know I can never reach them,
I know they will never be mine,
And so, I let my eyes enjoy the site...

Bob Marley Quote

One more amazing quote from someone whose I am a superfan of! He is somebody who actually lived his life truly liberated and free! He is one person who really lived like a bird... Who was never scared of saying what he felt... So, here is one of his quotes:

"The truth is everyone is going to hurt you, you just got to find the one's worth suffering for..."

                                                                                                 --- Bob Marley

Isn't it so true??

Keep smiling:)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Its only you whom I can think of... in everything

There are those weird days,
When I feel sad and depressed,
When the only color visible to me is blue,
And you are the only one I look up to...
There are those strange days,
When I feel bored and gloomy,
When the only color I can see is black,
And you are the only one who can make everything exciting again...
There are those bizarre days,
When I just lose control over life,
When the only color I can see is grey,
Then you are the one who can bring me back on track...
Then there are those happy days,
When everything looks dazzling and bright,
When the only color visible is red,
And you are the only one I feel like sharing my happiness...
Then there are those brand new days,
When something new and thrilling happens,
When the only color visible is white,
You are the only one I feel like living those days with...
Then there are those beautiful days,
When all I see all around are smiles,
When the only color visible to me is yellow,
And you are the only one who can enhance that beam...
Its only you I can think of,
In sorrow or in happiness,
In grief or in pleasure,
In monotony or in excitement,
In misery or in bliss,
Its only you whom I can think of... in everything...

Yes, Umbrella can’t stop the rain!!!

Luved the below quote!!!

 "Umbrella can’t stop the rain but can make us stand in the rain, confidence may not bring success but gives us power to face any challenges"

                               - Author Unknown

Its so so true!!! :):):)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The wild animal inside my head

And now I realize after years,
That I had been living with an animal,
Throughout my life: from being a child to being an adult,
I was born with this wild untamed monster,
Who knows how to control my soul and heart,
The untamed animal that has a complete power on me,
Who forces me to think, and guide my actions,
The animal that is never going to leave me,
It is going to live with me till my last breath,
Animal that had been residing somewhere in my head,
That’s the one to blame for all my deeds,
It is the one that pushes me for all that I do and all that I say,
This untamed animal that’s residing inside my head,
This uncontrollable beast that has made a home inside somewhere,
I wish I had the power to kill this wild monster ,
Life would have become so easy and trouble-free,
I would have had no one to push me to think,
Think about this world and think about this life,
I would have lived a free and liberated life,
This is the monster that compels me ,
Compels me to get bounded to this world,
Compels me to think about all those complications of life,
I wish I could kill this wild untamed monster inside my head,
And live a life without of any restrictions and  without any chains....