Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Please stay in my heart

I hate so much to cry,
To stop the tears, I always try,
But happiness is something one cannot buy,
To myself, anymore I cannot lie,
Outside for the world, I keep this smile,
But inside I know, I am dying,
Dying of some unknown pain,
I don't know which cloud pour this rain,
But I know this pain is taking my life,
The way it has already snatched my smile,
I want to forget this pain forever,
So that at least now I can live happier,
I don't want to shed tears anymore,
Yet, every time from somewhere they pour,
I wish I could destroy the part within me,
Where these tears are stored somewhere deep,
But then guess that's a corner in my heart,
How can I destroy something of that part?
Because that's where you also stay,
To reach to you, that's the only way,
How can I dare to destroy your place?
Even if its also a home to all my pains,
Even if all my tears are stored there,
To demolish your home will not be fair,
I will stay with this pain forever,
I will learn to smile what so ever,
But you please stay in my heart,
I promise you will be safe in that part,
I will take all the sufferings and pains,
But will never let you get drenched in the rain...
I promise I will keep you safe,
But plz never leave my heart...


  1. this is a beautiful poem...what I so want to write now....having said that...this doesn't seem like a Shivani poem....ur poems are so upbeat, full of sunshine and smiles and positivity ( i know, i know...jeevan ke kai ras hote hain and sabhi ko experience kar ke panno par utarna chahiye....that is the mark of a creative person) still....back to ur "full of life"poems :))

  2. hahahaha!!! I know Riddhi... Even I dint like this one piece of mine after writing... But i jus wrote it in the intense of emotions one day!:D


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