Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The unknown reflection

I looked into the mirror,
And got waved off in the thoughts,
Who is this? I wondered,
I was not able to recognize myself,
This was not the refection of the girl I knew,
I was changed!
Yes, I was changed,
I was not the same,
Same as years before,
When I was audacious and bold,
When I had the courage to refuse,
Refuse to change for anybody,
When i was bold enough,
Enough to face the world alone,
But now, I can't see the same person,
Have I changed according to this world's rules?
Where is my true self gone?
Is it lost in this world's game?
Or have I left it somewhere behind to lead this race,
I don't see the same raw energetic girl,
Who's this person who looks exhausted and tired,
Why does she look so scattered and shattered?
I can't even see the dreams in the eyes of her,
The dreams that had always enlighten her soul,
Dreams that had always kept the passion alive in her heart,
Where are those?
I can't see the same zeal in her,
Zeal to conquer the world,
Where did that enthusiasm disappeared?
Is she tired or worn out,
Of fighting with this world,
Of struggling with its ways,
I wish I could get my old one back,
That was bold enough to fight with this world...

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