Saturday, May 18, 2013

Prioritizing things in life

I just read a piece on FB and just cant stop myself from shared it with  you guys.

It is as below:

How true is it what Dalai Lama said about Man... Today, out of curiosity I was just calculating the time that i would be living in different terms. Lets take the average living age of a man to be 80 (which I am sure is gonna get go down in the coming years!!!)..

So, in years it would be off course 80
In terms of months its 960 (yes, ONLY!!!)
In terms of days, its only 29200
In terms of weeks, its only 4160 which is also the no of weekends!!!!!
And we just have 7 lac hours!!!!
I do not even want to calculate it in terms of mins and secs:(

Imagine we have so less time to live and we waste most of it in stress, tension, making money and we just forget to give time to the people we love most, to the things that matters the most to us, to the stuff that makes us happy, to the things that we love doing, to our hobbies... etc etc... Guess, most of us live in the perception that we are mortals, we will never die!!! We live in a hope that @ the end we will have enough time to enjoy... But alas, it happens very rarely... Because by the time you reach to the stage of enjoying life,  your body refuses to cooperate!!!

Yes, making money is necessary for living a comfortable life but then, it should never be done by keeping health on stake... by forgetting about other valuable things in life that matters the most to us!

Keep smiling alwaz... n remember: We only live once... Its just one life that we get... Enjoy it to the fullest...

It all sounds like some gyaan... but believe me, one day everyone realizes this fact... and for many, till the time they realize its too late... Because by then most of their life has already been spent on worthless things!!!

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