Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why do we need double identity always???

These days, as unable to read newspaper regularly, I start my day with having a glance at the major news websites. And after reading a piece, I like reading those comments that people leave at the end of the news. I like doing that because I love to know different people's opinions on different things/news/topics. They are at times interesting and can really give you new angles to see the things, can provide you fresh thoughts and can show you new facets of viewing things.

And I tell you, you will find the comments of each and every genre out there! Outrageous, hilarious, religious (that are not even related to the news), shocking, awful, admirable, genuine, disgraceful, shameful, angry etc etc etc... The list is never-ending...

And at times, the worst is when people just starting fighting over silly things out there... When people start commenting at each other's religion just for the sake for it: and most of the times the news is not even related to the same!

But one thing is so common in all of them and you know what is it? In 90% cases, people never dare to disclose their identity. They have guts to write all sort of nonsense about others, about each others religion but alas, have no guts to even reveal their real name!!! Yes, some people mention their names, and they are those who genuinely put the comment. They are not like those idiots for whom the comment text boxes are a source of emitting out their negative energies. They look at it as a space that gives them freedom to release their anger and irritation! I mean I feel pity on such idiots: Who try to portray bold but are really cowards. Who needs dubious identity for themselves, for putting forth their own views. They can't even stand openly next to their own opinions. Such kind of people want to live with both the identities: One: the real one or rather I should say the pretentious one which is the goody goody image one and two: the real one which is full of hatred and abhorrence  which is filled with negative thoughts that are hidden somewhere and if disclosed is always done very carefully, so much cautiously that even the strangers shouldn't be able to know their names!

Now tell me what name will you give to such cowards?? The worst is more than half of the people who comment on these sites are like that! Sad! Why can't people be what they are? Putting outrageous comments is not bad, I am nobody to condemn any one's actions... We all live in a free country thankfully and everyone has a right to put forth their opinion whenever wherever and in whatever form/ words they feel like. Also, everyone has an opinion of their own, everyone has a different understanding of things... The only thing I feel bad about is if you have an audacity to put forth your opinion on a public forum then why cant be you be bold enough (rather I should say man enough) to put it with your name! Why do you need a dubious identity to take out the negative thoughts? Why do you need a separate name for putting forth your opinions? And if you are so scared of getting recognized then don't dare to even put forth those hatred things...

Anyways, that's my opinions and my views:)

All I want to say is I hate and just hate the hypocrites in our society who have really made it so hollow!!!

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