Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Go and do these damn things!!!

I was just wondering last night about things that I just love to do! Things that make me happy, things that can make me smile in any damn situation, things that never let me go down...

And then my thoughts gradually crossed the bridge from a narrow bottle neck thinking to a broader one...

What are those few things that we should always always do... Whatever happens, where ever we are and in whatever situation... What are those? After mulling over for sometime, I was able to recollect few of them and I am dumping them here on this space:

1. # 1 is offcourse my living mantra: Keep Smiling!!! Never ever leave your smile for anything or for anybody... Smile is, believe me the greatest gift from God to mankind... It has the power to take you to the world of ecstasy in seconds. Whenever you feel down next time, just try to smile... Crazy it sounds? Nayy? Let it be... Crazy be it... But smile... Smile at yourself... Smile with yourself... Smile for yourself and you will feel contented

2. Make friends who love you. It is just impossible for someone to live without friends. They love you, pamper you and spoil you! But only keep those friends who truly love you!

3. Read: It makes you feel alive. It does. It makes you to think, it makes you to drown into the ocean of creativity, it really has the power to give you different prospect, different view about different things! And so Read, read a lot!!! Read anything: an article, a novel, a fairy tale, a blog anything but its important to read:)

4. Do the things you use to love doing few years back. Revive your passion, make your hobbies breathe again... Give them some space in your life! Try doing them once more coz you will enjoy doing them now as well: paint, dance, create things, write, travel... anything... But do something. Never let your hobbies die. They make you, they define you, they create you...

5. Just pack your bags and start for somewhere... Alone... yes, alone... It really gives you a chance to explore yourself, your inner self... Just try doing that and you will bless me:D Don't give an excuse that you have a family. If you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it!

6. Most important, kick out those idiots from your life, who make you feel bad about yourself, who make you feel down. Do that right away!!!! Be with people who help you to boost your confidence:)

7. Sleep... Sleep a lot. Take out at least one day in a week to sleep like a log

8. Get hurt, don't hide your feelings from yourself, don't hide them behind a smile... Let yourself get hurt, make yourself realize that pain, make your heart go through that suffering, make your soul go through that anguish, fall apart, make yourself numb to everything around, cry out loud, louder and loudest and then, you will feel relieved, relieved of every pain... It will also make you strong:) Next time, the pain will be less... Try it...

9. Shop: I always say this, when you feel depressed, go and pamper yourself... Shop till you drop!

10. Learn something everyday... Every single day!!! Its a sin to stop learning...

11. Do you remember the days when you used to love lying under the stars and count them! Count them again coz you used to get confused, count them yet again coz you used to count a star twice, oh no may be thrice!!!... and then, sleep there under the blanket of those stars, while trying to count them again and again... Why don't you try that now again... No, I am serious! Try it and its still the same fun... Even today those stars will love to cover and shield you with their blanket.

12. Have you ever tried to make, create meaningful images out of those clouds in the sky... Yes or no whatever your answer is. Go and do it now... And you will realize how creative your mind can be! It will surprise you...

13. Do not waste your time in doing a job that you don't like. Its one life we get, do not waste even a single sec on something you hate doing

14. Never stop yourself from learning something you always wanted to learn, due to any reason: be it family, studies or age! That's a crime... Go and learn whatever you always wanted to learn.

15. Take a break from this world. Switch off your mobile, laptop, get hibernated. No FB, no twitter, no bbm, no whats app, no chat on, no my chat, no applications, nothing. Just live few moments with yourself. Only with yourself and then, you will realize how beautiful and unique a person you are!

16. Live and let live...

17. Learn to accept the criticism and work on it:D If you like taking compliments, why not criticism...

18. Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself

19. Slap those idiots who spread negative energy all around who just always crib and talk about negative things... And next time you find yourself doing that, well, you know whom to slap first:D

20. Never forget to love people around you, people who love you, people who define you

21. Set priorities in life

22. Figure out what you want in life. The sooner, the better and start working on achieving that... Leave everything aside that could'nt find an existence in your list. Coz that means they are worthless to even have a micro second of your life.

23. Tell people what you feel about them: good things. Never stop yourself from telling people the good things you find in them: whosoever they are: Friends, relatives, best friends, spouse, parents, acquaintances and even, somebody whom you have never spoken to.

24. Know your strengths and weaknesses... NOW!!!!

25. Make your life worth living by giving a part of it to someone who needs it, it can be anyone. A poor child on the street, someone in your life, a stranger, a friend anyone

26. Care for those who love you... The true ones will be very few. And so, handle them with care:D

27. Take chances in life!!! Do things that you wanted to do but was always scared of the repercussions! Do them now... How so ever bold and audacious they sound! Come on take a leap on hope:)

Many of them sound crazy, stupid and bold but that's life! These are the exact adjectives that can define this thing called life. Think about it... Then why not to make these adjectives define you. Let them explore you... Let them... Give them a chance... 


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