Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Me: The Trouble-Maker in your life!

I know I am little impatient,
I know I am at times intolerant,
I know I get irritated very easily,
I know anger is always just a bit away from me,
I know I behave weirdly at times,
I know I am absurd many times,
I know I am extremely obsessive,
I even know that I am possessive,
I know its just hard to handle me at times,
I know its just so hard to explain me things,
I know I am a trouble maker in your life,
I know there are things you do that, I don't realize,
I know I become a different person completely,
Somebody who becomes a stranger suddenly,
Somebody whom you had not fallen for,
Somebody whom you have never dreamt of...
But then All I want to say is I love you,
And I dare to behave like this only with you,
There is no one else who is so close to me,
To pretend in front of you, there is just no reason I see,
All I can say is I do this because I know you very well,
I know you love me too much to leave me because of this mess,
I know you understand me and why I behave this way,
Thanks for being there with me in all those strange days...

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