Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One religion in our country that everyone follows BLINDLY!!!!

These days all I am seeing and hearing is about Sreesanth, Chandela and Chavan... Offcourse amongst the three, its Sreesanth who has grabbed all the limelight!!! Because he is the most famous one amongst the three!

Anyways, one thing that I don't understand is this is not the first case of match fixing that has been disclosed! We all know that it happens, its exists but still we run behind these matches. We just leave every damn important thing, just to watch a match even when we know that they can be fixed but still, we love to make fool out of ourselves. We see matches so passionately that if our team losses, we feel the pain of a personal loss! What they say is so true that Cricket is a religion in our country and cricketers: they are God! Why? for what... I am just and just unable to understand! They are playing out there and getting paid, rather paid super heavily for that... They are not doing a charity or something for God sake! They are just doing their job like anybody else! And then, there are some idiots who bloody doesn't even care for people's emotions and just get sold for few more bucks!

I mean I am just so unable to understand the reason why Sreesanth had to do this! He is young, is in National team and would have been there for long... Just for few more lacs, he sacrificed everything: his promising career, his respect, his family's honor everything! He kept everything on stake just for few more bucks...

And BTW, I din't mean to crib about these 3 here... All I wanted was to write about the 13 years old young boy, Aditya Rankha who was brutally murdered last week and his murder has a link with all this crap... I don't know if you have even heard about this case... because everybody including media is more interested in showing how much Sreesanth made with this fixing, how many tantrums he had thrown while getting arrested, what gifts he gave to his girl friend and how much was it worth it, with how many women he had slept, from where they hailed and blah blah!!! Its just weird... And do people really care about it???

This little boy was kidnapped by his own cousin and his elder brother's friend, for ransom, just to cover IPL betting losses and then, was cruelly murdered because the kidnappers got panicked, they got pissed off as the boy's family lodged a complaint in police... Nobody would actually be able to believe that a cousin can commit such a heinous and atrocious crime. Hearing about these incidents that have become so regular these days, you just tend to feel scared! You naturally feel apprehensive about whom to trust and whom not to!

Poor soul had to give up his life for mere 7 Lakh... and that too for something where he just had no link, nothing, just no connotation!!! I just can't explain in words, how dreadful and sad I am feeling! After hearing about this incident I am just and just shocked and is again bound to mull my brains over that old question, which nobody have an answer for now: where is our society heading??? When these sort of things happen in villages and small towns, everybody puts the blames on illiteracy. But what about these literate b*&^*ds?  (I am sorry to use such a language, I never wanted to... But then you just can't use any other word for them..) So, whom would you blame in these cases???

I know whom to blame... The increasing desire in everybody to live a hi-fi life like those of upper class... To become a branded person with all the branded stuff, to own huge and fancy cars, to live in big bungalow in some posh locality, to have those hi-fi gadgets, foreign trips, to live a lavish life. People do not even feel a bit reluctant to kill someone for all these luxuries! All people want and think today is just and just how to become rich, how to make more money, to find out shortcuts to become Ambani without any hardwork. And these things like IPL, act like catalyst to such horrible and corrupt ideas, gives ways to people to easily make money and become wealthy. Sad! We have started living such a pretentious life, such a fake and showy life! Today a person is not respected because of his knowledge or because of his doings but because of how rich he is, how much bank balance he has, which car he drives, where does he reside, which mobile phone he uses n blah blah!!

And these days, power comes in a package with money! And so everyone is running behind money because power will follow automatically. Its a combo!!! I am not blaming one or the two people here. We all are changing. We are forgetting our values day by day. We are going far from our core culture with each passing movement... I feel sad, I feel terrible!! And this all applies to those 3 idiots as well who dint feel any shame to do match fixing just for few bucks! Oh yes, it gave Sreesanth money to lavishly spend 2 lakhs on his girlfriend's branded cloths in one go! woaaaa... See, I told you this amazing luxury can only be granted by money. Right? So what if they have cheat, so what? Hardly matters, big deal for these senseless, bogus and hollow people...

Anyways, may Aditya's soul rest in peace. And may God give some sense to such senseless, insane psychos who doesn't even get scared to kill somebody, who doesn't feel a bit hesitant to take someone's life!

God bless everyone with a sense of kindness and humanity.

I will not say keep smiling today because I can't smile with these tears in my eyes and this anger within me!

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