Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Casualty caused by love!

And I feel trapped by this feeling again,
Feeling that I try to ignore everyday,
Feeling lying in disguise somewhere,
Feeling I keep hiding from this world,
Feeling that make my eyes sting with anger,
Feeling that makes my heart filled with wrath,
Feeling that make my words noxious,
Feeling that fills my soul with annoyance,
Feeling that makes my mind shiver with ire,
Feeling that grab all my happiness in its clutches,
Feeling that doesn't allow me to smile or sleep,
Feeling that takes away my confidence completely,
Feeling I try to ignore everyday,
I feel trapped with that forbidden feeling again,
What causes that feeling to come to me?
Love! I even know the answer to it,
Yes, its only love that invites that banned emotion,
Emotion that I labeled with a prohibited tag,
But love trashes this tag and brings it back from oblivion,
Love! Love! Love! Love!
Shall I tag love itself as a forbidden passion!
Will have nothing left to bring that banned feeling back,
Because its love that goes hand in hand with this sentiment,
And this forbidden feeling is called jealousy, that I just hate to meet,
But love is the culprit that brings it back to my life,
Jealousy is what changes me to some other person I don't like
Strange and Bizarre!!!
So, shall I label love with a forbidden tag,
Then there will be nothing to call jealousy back,
But there is one thing I know now,
If you chose to keep love in your life,
Be prepared for jealousy being the first casualty...

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