Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The wild animal inside my head

And now I realize after years,
That I had been living with an animal,
Throughout my life: from being a child to being an adult,
I was born with this wild untamed monster,
Who knows how to control my soul and heart,
The untamed animal that has a complete power on me,
Who forces me to think, and guide my actions,
The animal that is never going to leave me,
It is going to live with me till my last breath,
Animal that had been residing somewhere in my head,
That’s the one to blame for all my deeds,
It is the one that pushes me for all that I do and all that I say,
This untamed animal that’s residing inside my head,
This uncontrollable beast that has made a home inside somewhere,
I wish I had the power to kill this wild monster ,
Life would have become so easy and trouble-free,
I would have had no one to push me to think,
Think about this world and think about this life,
I would have lived a free and liberated life,
This is the monster that compels me ,
Compels me to get bounded to this world,
Compels me to think about all those complications of life,
I wish I could kill this wild untamed monster inside my head,
And live a life without of any restrictions and  without any chains....

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